Marc Savard reacts to scoring the winning overtime goal against the Philadelphia Flyers on May 1, 2010. (Photo Credit: Chris Barelos)

By: Andrew Thompson                                                               Twitter: @Godwentwhoops


Last Tuesday was a big day in Boston Bruins news. B’s defenceman Charlie McAvoy underwent a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat. While this was big news, something nearly flew under the radar. Former Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard officially hung up the skates after a 13 season, 807 game career.

(That Marc Savard responded to the Tweet was the highlight of my day.)

During his career, Savard played 304 games in the Black and Gold. In his first season with Boston, the Ottawa native put up 96 points (22 goals). He led all Bruins in scoring for the first three years of his career in Boston. During his time in spoked ‘B’, Savard suffered multiple concussions, the last occurring on January 22, 2011, which effectively ended his career.

It was an unfortunate end to what looked liked a Hall of Fame career. Savard’s contract expired at the end of last season, and that was the impetus for him to hang up the skates for good.  Savard put up nearly a point a game for the Black and Gold, earning 302 points (74 goals) as a member of the Bruins.

His Bruins teammates (and the organization itself) fought to have Savard’s name put on the Stanley Cup after the B’s won it all in 2011.

While he played on four different teams, he still seems to have a special place in his heart for the TD Garden and the people of Boston.

“A lot of mixed emotions, but really proud,” offered Savard. “Obviously, I didn’t play in any playoff games that year, but it was a nice gesture [by the Bruins to include Savard’s name on the Cup] and something I’ll never forget. That’s why I still hold Boston near and dear to my heart. My kids and their kids will be able to see it and that means a lot to me.”

Savard was extremely thankful for the 13 years he was in the league.  As he said goodbye to this part of his hockey career, he thanked Boston Bruins fans again for their part in his incredible journey.

“I did have a lot of believers along the way, which helped me believe,” said Savard. “That’s always been my quote to myself, ‘If you believe, you can achieve.’ That’s what I lived and died on. I’m proud to have played that long, seeing your name on the Stanley Cup and having your dreams come true.

“Thank you for supporting me all those years, being there after the games were over and asking for an autograph. I was always happy to do that. Thanks for giving me a tap or chanting my name at the (Boston) Garden when I came back from injury. Just always being there, whether I had a good or bad night. For that, I am grateful.”

So, what’s the next step for Marc Savard?  The former NHL player is now exploring the possibility of coaching at the OHL level, and perhaps even higher.

“I’d like to coach in the [Ontario Hockey League] or maybe move up at some point,” shared Savard with NBC Sports. “My real focus is the younger generation. Been doing a lot of AAA hockey here in Peterborough. We have the OHL Petes. I played for the [Oshawa] Generals. I would look into doing something like that to move my career forward. Right now, I’ve been doing the kids hockey and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a lot of fun. I love giving back and it’s been great.”

He already has some triple-A coaching experience teaching his two sons the game of hockey. The 40-year old Savard has the right name and skill set to pass on what he’s learned, and it just seems that it’s just a matter of time until one organization or another snaps him up.

“We’ll see where this road takes me, but right now I’m really focused on the OHL or doing something with the younger age just to get some reps in and get used to being behind the bench a little more,” said Savard.

“I’m not going to put any limits on anything as I did as a player, so we’ll see what’s down the road.”

While Savard is content to start in the OHL, there is plenty of room in the NHL for a man of his talent. While it may take a few years, the idea of Coach Savard suiting up in the Black and Gold sounds like a great idea to this Bruins fan.