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Max Pacioretty: A Fit For The Boston Bruins?

By: Andrew Thompson                                             Follow Me On Twitter: @godwentwhoops

It’s the middle of free agency frenzy, and once again the Boston Bruins are in the thick of it.  Every once in a while, a respected foe (or bitter rival depending on your mood) ends up in the trade rumor mill. This time around it is Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty, who just found out the bleu, blanc, et rouge want to … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins: The Salary Cap And Its Implications

By: Andrew Thompson                                                                       Twitter: @godwentwhoops 

The Boston Bruins have finished their first week of ‘free agency frenzy’, and many fans feel a little underwhelmed. The Black and Gold signed several players that they believed would provide skill and depth to their current roster. The B’s biggest catch so far has been the signing of goaltender Jaroslav Halak, who has been brought on board to back up Tuukka Rask next season.… Keep Reading

Boston Bruins Need To Pass On Milan Lucic


By: Andrew Thompson                                                                      Twitter: @Godwentwhoops

Former Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is looking to leave Edmonton. Depending on the sources cited, Lucic wants another shot at the Cup and/or wants out of Canada. Former Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli has begun to shop around Lucic and his contract.

Who doesn’t remember that hit? When Jack Edwards said that hit would be on hockey highlight reels for a decade, he … Keep Reading

Ilya Kovalchuk: A Bad Idea For The Boston Bruins

By: Andrew Thompson                                                             Twitter:    @Godwentwhoops

Free agent Ilya Kovalchuk is back on the market, and he’s interested in coming back to the NHL. Naturally, Boston area organizations jumped on the story and began spinning and weaving the idea that the 35-year old Russian player would want to wear the ‘spoked B’ and play for the Boston Bruins.

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Boston Bruins: Will The B’s Keep Tim Schaller


By: Andrew Thompson                                                                        Twitter: @godwentwhoops


The Boston Bruins have had a thing about local players these last few years. Unfortunately for the B’s, that hasn’t really worked out for them. The Bruins kept looking for that local, gritty winger but ended up getting disappointed in players like Jimmy Hayes and Frank Vatrano.

The Bruins did seem to have better luck with New Hampshire native Tim Schaller though. Schaller … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins: A Tale Of Two Nashes.


By: Andrew Thompson                                                             Twitter: @godwentwhoops

With just over a month before the start of free agency, the Boston Bruins are going to have some tough choices to make on which of their free agents will be staying with the team next season. Among the UFAs the B’s will have to make a decision on are the two players with the last name Nash.

Riley Nash had a solid year … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins: Cam Neely Hopes For Changes In Officiating Next Season


By: Andrew Thompson                                                   Twitter:  @godwentwhoops


Bruins President Cam Neely certainly wasn’t happy with the team’s early exit in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season. Neely felt that several calls severely hurt the team in their quest to get the Cup, and would like to see things change next season.

Neely certainly has cause to be angry.  While the B’s were eliminated by a faster … Keep Reading

A Look At The Boston Bruins Salary Cap


By: Andrew Thompson                                                                 Twitter: @godwentwhoops

The Boston Bruins exceeded most fans expectations last season. The youth movement helped lead the team into a second-round run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While their early exit was disappointing, the B’s front office now have to turn the page and look to the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Moving forward, the Bruins have a few things going for them regarding the salary cap. The … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins: Trading Torey Krug?


By: Andrew Thompson                                                                      Twitter: @godwentwhoops


As fans of the Boston Bruins, we’re all disappointed at the end of the B’s 2017-18 season. This year’s squad had the potential of making it to the Stanley Cup Final. The Tampa Bay Lightning ended those dreams by taking out the Black and Gold in five games.

They’ll be no dirty water in the Stanley Cup this year. So what happens when … Keep Reading

Boston Bruins: Simple Mistakes, Simple Fixes


By: Andrew Thompson                                                          Twitter: @godwentwhoops

The Boston Bruins are proving to be their own worst enemy right now. The Black and Gold had a sold-out crowd backing them on Wednesday night at the TD Garden. The B’s looked poised to push the Tampa Bay Lightning into Boston Harbor with a resounding win.

Then the B’s started making simple mistakes. The Bolts easily capitalized on those simple errors, allowing Tampa … Keep Reading

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