(Photo Credit: Boston Bruins)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @Evan007onTV

There can never be too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to TD Garden, the Legends Club or any of Delaware North’s hospitality suites. Especially if they’re from Johnson & Wales University.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF7po6wpPX4]

As a result, Cam Neely, Charlie Jacobs and members from the Boston Bruins front office announced a multi-year and multi-faceted partnership with JWU that will include experiential education opportunities for students and a tuition benefit for Delaware North’s global workforce. What exactly does that mean? Well, for starters (or more appropriately appetizers), it means fans attending all B’s home games in the near future will have many more mouth-watering opportunities to taste and treat themselves to locally concocted culinary delights. After all, JWU is one of the nation’s leading culinary arts education schools, and has produced some of the country’s most talented, top flight chefs this side of a kitchen counter (just head over to Food Network to gorge yourself on their illustrious alumni)!

It also means the B’s have found yet another way to embrace & support a valuable community institution, continuing the organization’s commitment to the city & region both now, and for the future. As the joint JWU & Bruins press release states, “experiential education is a cornerstone of the JWU education … as students will research and develop solutions to real–time industry issues identified by TD Garden, Boston Bruins and Delaware North leadership.” Talk about on the job training!

What else is on the menu? The release goes on to mention how the university “will develop an annual seminar program to be held at TD Garden on topics and issues relevant to its academic programming in the areas of food service, hospitality, and sports, entertainment and event management.” And for icing on the cake — to continue with the food-related grammatical phraseology of this post —  segments will also be filmed and aired on NESN’s “Behind the B” next year. As we know from previous B’s programming on the New England Sports Network, players, personnel, fans, even a big boisterous beloved B’s broadcasterreally like their hometown food:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HQyCAF3a2I]

And how’s this for a taste for victory, as the university’s website creatively mentions: a special “JWU item of the month” will be served in Legends and it will be open exclusively to B’s and C’s season ticket holders (reminder: since it is a private membership club located on the prestigious Level 3 of the TD Garden, make sure to do some schmoozing or call in a few connections in order to enjoy the JWU concoctions).

What can you possibly order up? “Following criteria specified by Legends, students in the College of Culinary Arts will develop four new menu items per season over the course of the partnership… [with] the Legends menu featuring a Johnson & Wales item that will change approximately every 20 games,” the release continues. Four new dishes to dish out per season? That’s my kinda game plan!

The team just needs to plan for no special pizza items making the new JWU menu or else Brad Marchand will leave everyone hungry! “Where the pizza at!? Where the pizza at!?” indeed (maybe they’ll call it the Number 63… No?).

Congrats to the B’s, the Wildcats and all forms of edible entertainment for this delectable deal that’s sure to give everyone their just desserts when the timing is right!