IMG_8616(Photo Credit: Evan Michael)

By: Evan Michael  |  Follow Me On Twitter @EVAN007onTV

As a Bruins hockey fan, as a Halloween costume fanatic, and as someone with a comedy movie fandom… you won’t find me “Happier” than when I’m supporting all things Happy Gilmore (and B’s) for the sporting holiday season.


That’s why I paid tribute to my favorite team and one of my favorite genre flics at two very fitting October events — the Tiny Putters Golf League Spooktational Tourney (above) and the Costumed Karaoke Comedy Hour (below).

Sure, I stayed until the night closed in (and thankfully wasn’t Exiled, wink wink nod nod) but I was truly in my Happy place, just like Pasta winging it with Bergy & Marchy. Or the entire B’s team when visiting the Boston Children’s Hospital, as the players annually do each Halloween season:

So, in honor of the Bruins recognition, support and appreciation for what a costume can do to put a smile on someone’s face, especially someone who may be in need of it most, we should all put on our Bruins jerseys to literally and figuratively “be Happy” this Halloween season (or Gerry Cheevers or Reggie Lemelin depending on the jersey). Hec (Fowler), people are even doing it all throughout Vancouver aka enemy territory!

And you can definitely count on me smiling after that just like you can definitely count on Mr. Larson waiting for Shooter McGavin in the parking lot after the Tour Championship. He wanted to wear the Gold Jacket. Thankfully, we get to wear Black AND GOLD this Fall holiday season.

Happy (Gilmore) Halloween, Bruins Fans!