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By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @Evan007onTV

It was almost as if the Bruins’ press office didn’t have the words, or probably couldn’t bear even putting them to print, regarding the unfortunate news about Patrice Bergeron’s latest injury:

The Boston Bruins have issued the following update on Patrice Bergeron:

Patrice Bergeron sustained a rib and sternoclavicular injury during the second period of the Bruins vs. Stars game on November 16 in Dallas.

Bergeron will be re-evaluated in approximately four weeks. —

So much for just missing the game in Detroit, as originally hoped. And forget “Chicken Little”… after this release & team update came in, the sky was figuratively falling all over Boston, including some folks even looking to the hockey gods in the sky for help!

In fact, when you take a look at the video of the hit that injured Bergeron, you can see why people are both up-in-arms and down-in-the-dumps about what happened because it certainly didn’t look good, especially from Faksa’s end (“Faksa You! the fans were shouting at bars across Beantown after it happened).


However, thankfully, this isn’t the end for Bergy and the B’s. It’s very much far from it. Sure, four weeks on the DL sucks for your best player — maybe even the league’s best all-around player — and it comes at a time when nearly half the roster is also hurt, including your top D-man and Captain “Big Z” Zdeno Chara. But as many writers, bloggers & beat reporters who cover the B’s are espousing… sometimes when a guy like Bergeron goes down, other guys find ways to step up big.

And my personal favorite Twitter take following the banged-up Bergeron news:

To quote Brian Fontana of Anchorman lore, 60% of the time it works everytime. So, here’s hoping all of the above are true. Even if they’re not, Bruins hockey will still be exciting, if not surprising, to watch between now and the New Year, just for the new lines being juggled & formatted every night, the new players being called-up and perhaps even traded for, and the very timely sense of urgency and desperation that each game will bring (since this style of hockey usually doesn’t happen early in the season, but rather in March & April).

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No one, trust me NO ONE, in Boston or anywhere else around the hockey world (unless they’re soulless scabs) wants to see Patrice Bergeron, No. 37, injured like this… and definitely not for a month-plus. He’s the backbone of the Bruins, the spirit of the sport, the gentleman of the game and he’s about as entertaining and fun to watch as anybody:


So during a week in which we’re supposed to “Give Thanks” and be grateful for the special people in our lives, let’s all show some love for Bergy — as well as send him plenty of good vibes for a quick & speedy recovery. After all, getting him back before the next big holiday would indeed be something to be thankful for!

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