Image result for bruins winter classic jersey 2019(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @Evan007onTV

The Winter Classic.

There’s a reason the word “Classic” is in the title of hockey’s most famed & followed outdoor game. It literally means judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. And boy oh boy did the Bruins do that definition justice with a truly outstanding, dare I say classic, choice for their New Year’s Day look against Chicago.

Since it was unveiled, the praise has been as consistent as a David Pastrnak one-timer from below the face-off circle. First from the fans:

Then from the writers/bloggers:

Then from the players themselves:

When I had the pleasure to preview this proposed look over the Summer in my Best Bruins Logos piece for the Black N’ Gold Blog, I “fittingly” featured the 1930’s iconic brown & gold BOLD B as one of the top (shelf) in team history, especially when donned largely by a man named Tiny. Sure, there are critics/haters who argue the “B” stands for “bland” or “boring,” but it held sway for a decade+ and was even brought back, as we know, for the NHL 75th anniversary jerseys of the late ’80s. To wit:

So, what will this new (and old at the same time) Winter Classic jersey bring back for the B’s and their fans? Hopefully, a sense of Bruins pride and appreciation — not just for the franchise’s heritage, but also their continued hockey tradition of representing the Original 6 of the game at the most enjoyable outdoor game of the season. And speaking of traditions…

I think we should all “tip our caps” to, and for, this to happen. After all, it would be classic Boston Bruins, just like their new Winter Classic wardrobe (<—click the hyperlink to get your very own jersey & WC gear today)!

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