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By Leon Lifschutz | Follow me @BruinsBreakdown

Show description

Join Ryan and Leon on Bruins Breakdown as they provide an in-depth analysis of all the latest Boston Bruins, National Hockey League, and hockey world happenings. Our hosts have spent their lives involved in hockey as players, coaches, and more. The dynamic duo, along with periodic special guests, will provide keen insights into the game – be it through the numbers, tactical analysis, or downright outlandish opinions. Check out the latest episode for Bruins, NHL, and hockey talk in a light and fun-spirited atmosphere. 

Show summary

Ryan and Leon start the pod discussing if Gritty, and other mascots, are essential workers. They also debate if Gritty can now be called an activist and what will become of activism and social change initiatives in the hockey world this coming year. A general discussion of hopes and expectations for the NHL product this season ensues. The duo then dives into the World Juniors and reflect on a little Hockey East action between Leon’s Catamounts and Ryan’s Huskies. The hosts do eventually get to the Bruins, bringing up questions they look forward to answers for in the coming month related to personnel, tactics, and logistics. They go on to philosophize about roster construction, specifically for the taxi squad. The show wraps up with a chat about the second free-agent season and what Leon and Ryan are excited about this season.

TIMESTAMPS:  0:00 – Gritty is essential; 8:46 – Hockey activism; 13:40 – Hopes for the league this season; 21:24 – College hockey and World Juniors; 39:14 – Bruins answers coming soon; 52:23 – Roster and taxi squad philosophy; 1:07:30 – Transaction flurry around the league; 1:23:46 – What we’re excited about this season