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By: Jacob Abenante | Follow me on Twitter @Jacobabenante

The first week of the NHL season is now behind us, and after three games, we are starting to get a clearer picture of what we have in the 2020-21 version of the Boston Bruins.  The Bruins have started slow, which has to change our mentality when betting them. As I am writing this, the Bruins have yet to score an even-strength goal, and for this exact reason, I will no longer be recommending taking any Bruins overs until further notice. Although I am unhappy with the offensive performances to date, the team as a whole has been suburb in their defensive zone for the majority of each game. So, as bettors, we must take what we now know and adjust. 

Getting started

In each new article, I will touch on the type of bets I will be highlighting for the week and go over what they mean and how I recommend taking them. This week with the Bruins especially, I will be staying away from the puck line (-1.5), for I don’t entirely trust them to win by two and will only be placing straight money line bets as well as over-under. Money line bets will either be positive or negative, and you will be paid out as a winner as long as the team you bet wins. If the team is the favorite (-), the number shown will be how much you need to bet to win $100. If the team is the underdog (+), you will win the amount shown if you bet $100. The over-under is as it sounds; if you take the over the two teams playing’s goal total must be over the shown number. The under is the exact opposite; if you take it to win, both teams’ goal total has to be under the number shown.  

Also, you will see me talk about units. Units are whatever you want them to be, and they will be different for every person. One unit should be whatever you are comfortable losing on your average bet. Never bet more they you are comfortable with.

Bruins bets 

The first game I will be talking about today is the Boston Bruins vs. the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday, January 23rd. I usually would have taken the over in this game, a matchup that will most likely feature both team’s back-up goaltenders coming on the back end of two games in three days. Today that will not be the case; I have learned my lesson and will be recommending taking the under. So far, the Bruins have shown an inability to score goals but have defended effectively. This, to me, is the perfect remedy for many early season unders to hit. I also liked what I saw out of a refreshed Jaroslav Halak and expect him to have another strong game on Saturday. I would be comfortable putting a unit on this game as long as the under is no lower than 5.5 goals. 

The second game I will recommend wagering on in the Boston Bruins near future is the matchup against the Pittsburg Penguins on Tuesday, January 26th. This will be the first matchup of the season for these new division rivals, and I expect the Bruins to be ready to play.  All hands would point towards Tuukka Rask to get the start in net on Tuesday, and with the way he has been playing, the Bruins should be in a position to win. I will be taking the Bruins on the money line in this game, even if they are a slight favorite. I would feel comfortable putting a unit on the Bruins in this game -135 and above. 

Longshot of the week

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The Longshot of the week is the Ottawa Senators on the money line over the Winnipeg Jets Saturday, January 23rd. I actually think the Senators are much better this season than people give them credit for, and I expect them to make some noise up north this year. I think as the season rolls on, the view of the Senators will change to bettors, but as of right now, the prices have been reasonable. I recommend putting half of a unit to a unit on them as long as the Price isn’t less than -110

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