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By: Jacob Abenante | Follow me on Twitter @Jacobabenante

It seems we are starting to get a clear picture of what kind of team we have in the 2020-21 Boston Bruins, and that is a pretty good one. Over the last two weeks, the Bruins have proven to us fans that they are the real deal; and it seems they are never out of a game, no matter what the deficit. As bettors, we must take this picture and learn from it, look at it this way if you took the Bruins on the money line every game, you would have won eight out of your eleven bets. As the season rolls on and Covid-19 continues to attack this season’s structure, more pictures will be painted for us, and we must adjust accordingly to keep winning.

Getting started

In each article, I will touch on the type of bets I will be highlighting for the week and go over what they mean and how I recommend taking them. This week with the Bruins, I will be favoring the puck line (-1.5), for I feel they are the superior team in both of their matchups and can win by multiple goals. Remember, for a team to win on the puck line, they must win by two or more goals. I will also be favoring some over/under this week as we learn more about how the Bruins match up with specific teams. Again, the over-under is as it sounds; if you take the over, the two teams playing’s goal total must be over the shown number. The under is the exact opposite; if you take it to win, both teams’ goal total has to be under the number shown.  

Also, you will see me talk about units. Units are whatever you want them to be, and they will be different for every person. One unit should be whatever you are comfortable losing on your average bet. Never bet more they you are satisfied with.

Bruins bets

The first game I will be talking about this week is the Boston Bruins vs. the New York Rangers on Wednesday, February 9th. I will be taking the Bruins on the puck line -1.5 +170; I feel this is a great value, especially with how the teams match up. The Bruins are a much superior team as the standings show with the Bruins in first and the Rangers in last place in the eight-team division. I think the Bruins will come out fast in this game after their recent days off with their Covid-19 cancelations. The infusion of both Jake DeBrusk and Matt Grzelcyk back into the lineup also help me be comfortable putting a unit to a unit and a half on the Bruins in this game.

The second game I will discuss is the Boston Bruins vs. the New York Rangers on Friday, February 12th. I have two plays that I am comfortable with this game. I like the Bruins on the money line, as well as the over, as long as it is not higher than six. My thinking reverts to the first game where I feel the Bruins are a much better team throughout their line-up and should get the win. My decision to choose the money line over the puck line (-1.5) is me playing it safe with the upcoming hectic schedule, to put it plainly. My idea behind the over is, as we have seen on a series-by-series basis, the second game usually features the backup goaltenders and is much sloppier resulting in higher scoring chances. Both of these plays are to be looked at as half a unit to a unit plays.

Long-shot of the week

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The week’s long-shot is the Arizona Coyotes on the money line over the St. Louis Blues on Saturday, February 13th. As with every week, the long-shot is a higher risk game where we are taking an underdog. I would expect the Coyotes to be somewhere around +170 in this game, and if that is the case, it’s good value as long as they can get going early. I would recommend half a unit on this play to minimize risk.

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