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(Photo Credit: CBS Boston)

By: Evan Michael | Follow me on Twitter @00EvanMichael


If the Boston Bruins produced a movie about the pandemic-shortened 2021 season (well, they kinda-sorta have with Behind The B), that’s how it would open: a title card that truly says it all.

The opening line would be “Cue the memories,” a fitting reminder of what happened a decade earlier: the B’s winning the Stanley Cup over the Vancouver Canucks.

And now, just like the movies, there’s a way to relive that storied season in Bruins history thanks to a brand new team-sponsored podcast rolled out right on cue this month entitled, you guessed it, CUE THE MEMORIES!

From, the team’s official website, the synopsis reads:

“Cue the Memories, presented by Bud Light, honors the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. The podcast, hosted by Stanley Cup Champion and 2011 Bruins alumni Andrew Ference and Bruins digital reporter Eric Russo, features guests from the 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup winning team

Building off of last spring’s Bud Light Locker Room Time Machine virtual reunion, each episode will include candid conversations about some of the best untold behind the scenes stories and moments from the magical run.”

So far, through two episodes (with many more to come), the podcast has talked to and interviewed defenseman Adam McQuaid and forward Chris Kelly — both of whom played integral roles in helping the B’s bring Boston its first Stanley Cup in nearly four decades “way back when” in 2011.

The pilot episode, featuring McQuaid, is described as follows: “Former Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid joins Cue the Memories to look back on Boston’s 2011 championship run, his Darth Quaider nickname, and his memorable mullet haircut…” (as seen above). If that doesn’t cue up some amazing memories, I’m not sure what will!

And the most recently released second episode, featuring Kelly, is summarized by: “Former Bruins forward Chris Kelly joins Cue the Memories to look back on Boston’s 2011 championship run, including his strong performance against Montreal and the helmet cage he donned during that series.” In fact, here’s a look back at some of those memorable Montreal moments!

As in any successful entertainment franchise, sequels and spinoffs are inevitable so stay tuned for more Cue The Memories podcasts unveiled via both the B’s website and official twitter account: @NHLBruins!

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