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Why A Wildcard Spot May Not Be The Worst Scenario For The Bruins

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

We are midway through December, and there is plenty of panic in Boston.

“We need an enforcer!”

“Our goaltending sucks!”

“We can’t score!”

OK, can everyone just take a deep breath, please? By having the injury bug eviscerate this roster early, the Bruins may just have stumbled into their best-case scenario come the playoffs. Also, the goaltending hasn’t been the problem, … Keep Reading

Can You Count From 1-99 Using Just Bruins Players Throughout History?

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

Short answer? No. Not tremendously surprising, but still, you can get pretty close. I have highlighted the best player to wear each number throughout the team’s history below. Please note that this is a matter of personal opinion, and I took into account a player’s entire career when determining the best player to wear the number. There are a few numbers … Keep Reading

Should the Bruins Invest in a Bubblewrap Company?

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

No, but seriously, the injuries are getting ridiculous at this point. Although the Bruins regained Kevan Miller Wednesday night in Detroit, the Bruins’ Injured Reserve List is as follows:

C Patrice Bergeron – Sternoclavicular/Ribs – Minimum 4 Weeks

D Zdeno Chara – Medial Collateral Ligament – To Be Reevaluated after 4 Weeks

D Brandon Carlo – Upper Body Injury – No … Keep Reading

Bruins Recall Zboril, Miller Travels for Road Trip

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

It appears that the litany of injury issues that have plagued the Boston Bruins is not going away any time soon. With Brandon Carlo being felled in Saturday night’s win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Bruins recalled defenseman Jeremy Lauzon on an emergency basis for the second time this season. Lauzon proceeded to then tally his first NHL goal in … Keep Reading

PuckNerd’s Bruins Analysis: The Unpredictability of David Pastrnak

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

My most recent piece, which broke down a unique aspect of Patrice Bergeron’s offensive game, got some pretty positive early returns, so I thought I’d take a shot at analyzing the most dynamic player the Bruins have had in about half of a decade – David Pastrnak.

How this guy fell as far as he did in the 2014 draft … Keep Reading

What’s Bugging Me about the B’s Injuries?

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

Another season and the Bruins are down to their 8th defenseman again-WAIT, I’m getting word that it’s now their 9th-AGAIN??-OK, their 10th defenseman. Why on Earth does this keep happening? Now we have 1st pairing defenseman John Moore, which is not an ideal situation for anybody. Steven Kampfer worries me nearly every time he gets near the puck. But, unlike in … Keep Reading

Is All Of This Rask Hate Warranted From Bruins’ Fans?

By: Spencer Fascetta | Follow Me on Twitter @PuckNerdHockey

Short answer?


Let’s be honest. It wouldn’t be a hockey season in New England without the constant “Tuukka Rask Sucks” hit pieces. I think this is due to a few different factors. For one, Boston, and, by extension, the New England region, is a spoiled sports fanbase. The Patriots have been the most successful NFL franchise in the history of … Keep Reading

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