Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast Episode 165

By: Mark Allred  Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Hosts Heather Ingerson and Mark Allred got back in the studio to talk Boston Bruins and a few other hockey-related topics. We started recording this episode 165 before the afternoon tilt against the Detriot Red Wings at Little Caesars Arena in Motown and finished at the beginning of the second period. I know most Boston Bruins fans don’t want to relive the memory of losing a road game to the last-place team in the league as Boston sits atop the best league in the world. Just a minor bump in the road and hope we figure it out before the next game on Wednesday night at TD Garden against the Montreal Canadians and Saturday with yet another afternoon tilt against the bottom-dwelling Red Wings.

Please give a listen to our Bruins banter below in episode 165 as Heather and myself talk about last week’s games and the upcoming week for our beloved National Hockey League Boston Bruins. Below is a timeframe of when the discussion changes to a new hockey related topic.

  1. Intro – 00:00
  2. Upcoming Bruins Schedule – 26:45
  3. Carlo Steps Away For Family Matter, And Overall Play – 39:40
  4. Heinen Misses Four Straight Games As Speculation Heats Up – 51:11
  5. Kuraly-Coyle-Bjork Third Line Has Been Fun To Watch – 58:40
  6. Lauzon Suspension Hit & No Call For McAvoy’s Head Shot? – 1:07:40
  7. NESN’s Edwards Talks Composite Sticks & We Elaborate – 1:16:11
  8. TD Garden Seating Upgrades Will Be Made After Fan Complaints – 1:27:22
  9. 2020 Olympic Updates An The Positive Talks Per Elliotte Freidman – 1:35:00
  10. Buffalo Duane’s Meltdown On Public Radio About His Sabres Team and Ownership – 1:46:3

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The Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast Goes Mobile In Central Massachusetts

By: Mark Allred  |  Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

About a year ago I was contacted by Casey Cummins, a listener of our Black N Gold Hockey Podcast about the possibility of taking the show on the road to cover the 3rd annual Crimson King Outdoor Hockey Tournament held in Leicester, Massachusetts.  After all the planning and a bit of forgiveness from mother nature, we made the 1.5-hour trip to record episode 115 and participate in the festivities on the homemade outdoor sheet of ice on Saturday, January 26th.

The inception of the ice surface dates back to 2013 with the construction of the new rink after attempts to create ice on a tennis court on the property owned by gracious hosts Jeff and Karen Bercume went unsuccessful. Rink manager Jeff told me that a new location was to be needed to keep the dream alive and had a part of the property leveled off via bulldozer in the efforts of constructing a bigger more sustainable ice surface. With the new rink also came the idea of a warming shack/locker room complete with two wood stoves and the comforts of the Boston Bruins and players of the past hanging from the rafters. A better image of what I’m talking about can be seen in a video posted on Twitter from tournament organizer Casey Cummins below.

Upon our arrival, we were amazed by the many activities that happen on the property year round. To the left of the property is a replica of Fenway Park for warmer weather wiffleball events but what caught our attention was that gorgeous sheet of ice that was being prepped for the outdoor games. While the ice was being attended to I set up the mobile studio the on-location recording of episode 115 in the warming shack which we broadcasted with awesome tournament participants and can be heard below.

The Crimson King Outddor Hockey Tournament

As any games should begin, it was an unreal act of kindness to kick off the tournament with the singing of both the American and Canadian national anthems sung by Judy White who did a fantastic job.

The seven-team invitational tournament kicked off at 11am and to be honest I was really excited about this opportunity because this was my first time playing on a homemade rink after spending a majority of my life on the ponds and indoor facilities. To keep all teams involved a double elimination rule was set in place, and even though my Black N’ Gold Podcast team which consisted of teammates Cody Trottier and Ride The Pine Radio Podcast Co-Host Paul lost both games we appeared in, we had a great time nonetheless. There was certainly no lack of competition in these games as the battles on the ice throughout the day were intense and very competitive.

I along with everyone that participated in the festivities on this day have to give a huge shoutout to the amazing efforts from the two goaltenders of this tournament who frankly stood on their heads and played in all games. Below is a photo of the awesome netminders Pat Collins and Nick Hayden who honestly stole the show and want to show our sincere appreciation for their unbelievable play.

In all tournament play there has to be a victor, and on this day Team USA came out on top. Congrats to all members of Team USA on the Championship win and I know that next year’s event will have many teams gunning to take away their crown.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Casey for the invite to do a show recording on location and participate in the tremendous outdoor hockey tournament. I also want to thank Jeff and Karen Bercume for their unbelievable hospitality and the efforts of Tim Cummins and Casey’s wife Laura Cummins for setting everything up and providing the food and snacks needed for a bunch of beer drinking hockey players. Truly a Class Act from all that were involved and hope to make our way back next year for the fourth annual games.

Below are pictures and video of the event to give a better idea of how this day went, Enjoy!

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Prospects Challenge: Part 3 – Providence Bruins Head Coach Jay Leach

Coach Leach( Photo Courtesy of Joshua Bemis @ToCauseway )

By: Jen Stasio Coombe  |  Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

One of the benefits to covering a preseason event like Buffalo’s Prospects Challenge is the amount of access to and the amount of time you get to spend with the players and coaches asking questions. I found that everyone was very amiable and ready to answer any questions I had for them, even when not directly hockey related.  For example, did you know the Jakub Zboril fell in love over the summer?  Ok — don’t get carried away here, he fell in love with tennis. He explained, “My brother and I took up tennis over the summer … other than hockey, the only sport I love is tennis.”

Now that I really have your attention, I will tell you, on a recent appearance on the Beers N’ Bruins podcast hosted by Mark Allred, he asked me what I felt about Jay Leach.  It wasn’t hard to come up with a solid answer really.  From a fan’s perspective, sitting in the stands week after week, watching him direct traffic, boost morale and guide the boys set to take the ice, what I saw was a calm, quiet, completely cool coach.

Whether they were winning or losing, having a “conversation” with the stripes or failing to make it past the first round of the playoffs, I never saw him break into a rant or flail about with frustration. Once the podcast was over, I began to wonder how naïve I was being — is he always like this or does he blow up behind closed doors? Is this the type of coach he aimed to be from the start? What does he think of his style? What do the boys on the bench think of him? The questions continued to swirl, but I knew right where to look for answers.

Leach( Photo Curtesy: Times Union )

I started with the man himself. On the second day in Buffalo, I interviewed Leach about how he coaches and what his plan was when transitioning from player to coach. He explained that he never really knew what to expect or how to be the best coach. “You try to do your due diligence, come in with an idea, but you go through a year with a bunch of experiences, and you come out the other side and things are just different.”

By nature, he is the type of person who likes to “check his boxes” and be sure that tasks are complete, but he tempers his needs to filter a ton of information down to the players with the understanding that makes him a “players’ coach.”

“I am 39 years old, I am not that far removed from playing, I don’t want to come across as anything other than who I am … obviously, we have standards, and we hold everyone to those standards, but it has to be organic, I try to create a good environment…”

Leach, Koppanen, Kuhlman( Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Stasio Coombe )

When I had the chance to ask his players about his coaching style and how he compared to other coaches they had worked with each player had their own take, but it all boiled down to three basic facts:

  1. He is always open to discussions and willing to offer advice or counsel. Whether it was professional or personal, each of the players confirmed that they had no problems talking to Leach about anything.
  2. He does have standards. “If you don’t play well and don’t improve, he will sit you,” said one player, but when I followed on asking about if this was a silent sit or if he explained I was told time and again, “He always explains himself, it is always to help us and to get better.”
  3. He has garnered the respect of each of the players. “He is not far away from being a player … he knows what it is like to be us, and we respect him. We don’t improve because he will yell, we want to do better because we don’t want to disappoint him.  He has our total respect.”

The last question I posed to both Coach Leach and each player was about his composure behind the bench. Jay responded, ”It’s all right here (motioning to his chest), right here and maybe a bead of sweat, I don’t know if you will ever get rid of that … I need them (the players) to not think that is happening.” Apparently, the old adage of never let them see you sweat holds fast with Jay.  Players responded likewise saying that he was always composed behind the bench and while once and a while he will blow off steam behind closed doors, all in all, “he is as level as they come.”

The result of the interviews with both Coach Leach and his players has solidified in my mind that he IS that solid coach I see behind the bench. He guides and directs them with composure and tough love when needed, but most of all he is truly invested in the development of not just the players, but himself. “I would imagine that every year I will come out a little different,” he said. “I think — I hope — that means I am growing.”

Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast #66 10-7-17

By: Mark Allred           Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Welcome back for episode 66 in partnership with the Grandstand Sports Network. On this week’s show, we get together to talk about the first regular season game against the Nashville Predators to start the hockey talk. We talk about the Malcolm Subban waiver pickup from the New Las Vegas Gladiators franchise and the first 2017-18 expanded edition of the Bruins Prospect Update.
Also, I added some bonus talk adding my interview with Brandon Wheat Kings beat writer Perry Bergson of the Brandon Sun for an awesome discussion of Bruins prospect and Wheat Kings defenseman Daniel Bukac.

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