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By: Mark Allred | Follow me on Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Our Black N’ Gold Productions sports media company is looking to add more motivated and talented folks to join our growing digital content team. We’d love to hear from you if you can commit to weekly content throughout the year!

We’re looking for new or established B’s hockey programs, or NHL news shows to join our podcast network and writers to contribute regularly on our blackngoldhockey.com website. We cover the Boston Bruins from the NHL level down to the prospects worldwide with media credentialed opportunities in all three North American professional hockey leagues. All positions here at BNG are remote working situations. We often acquire paying opportunities, but this is not a regular salaried job.

( Photo Credit: Black N’ Gold Productions LLC )

This is an excellent opportunity for seasoned hockey journalists, college/university students, or the Weekend Warrior to share respectful thoughts and opinions that are Boston Bruins-related. All we ask is that all candidates be able to produce quality written content on a weekly schedule to keep an account with us.

All website articles must be 500+ words or more. Breaking news articles can be as low as 250 to get the news out quickly. We ask that all candidates purchase a “premium” version of Grammarly.com upon arrival to help minimize editing times for our staff. Below are areas where we’d love to have increased website coverage.

NHL Boston Bruins Writers

AHL Providence Bruins Writers

ECHL Maine Mariners Writers

Bruins Prospect Writers (CHL, NCAA, USHL, and European Leagues)

Bruins Analytics/Stats Writer

Bruins History/This Day in Boston Bruins History Writer (B’s 100th Year Next Season!)

Boston Bruins Alumni Writer

Website Editors

Website Copy-Editors

The audio podcast opportunities on our network allow an individual or group of friends to get together weekly to talk about their favorite team and sport of hockey. All of our BNG Podcast Network members must record a 30-minute program with a maximum recording time of two hours.

All new podcasts joining our BNG Network must record weekly shows regardless of whether it’s the regular or off-season. We have explicit labels for each program, but we’d rather avoid those who drop F-Bombs with every other word during recording. We have a wide range of listeners varying in age, so we want to be as respectful as possible. We also ask that potential podcast network members provide a quality audio recording. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on podcast equipment, but please do your due diligence and learn the best ways to provide a quality product to your listeners.

Our BNG Podcast Network members have access to worldwide listening platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Stitcher Radio, and Spotify Podcasts, along with many more! This is a great place to get your thoughts and opinions about the Boston Bruins or NHL league news via our audio platform. Below are a few show ideas we’d like to add to our Podcast Network if you are interested!

NHL Boston Bruins Podcasts

AHL Providence Bruins Podcasts

ECHL Maine Mariners Podcasts

Boston Bruins Prospects Podcasts

Boston Bruins This Day in History Podcasts

Bruins Post-Game Reaction Podcasts

We’re also seeking talented YouTube video creators for many open positions above. Please let us know if you have the time to produce a video every week, and it’s B’s hockey-related from any level in pro hockey or prospects. We can recommend a recording platform for YouTube video uploads and one that can provide files for audio podcast submissions.

So many ways to create content if Bruins or hockey fans, in general, want to get involved with our digital media company. If you or some other passionate hockey content creator you know wants to get involved on our team, please send us a cover letter about how you’d like to help weekly and help grow our sports media company weekly. Please email us at blackngoldproductionsllc@gmail.com


Thanks for taking the time to read this help wanted article. We have a great group of close to 30 members that either have a podcast or are website writing contributors. If you can respectfully produce content and are willing to provide weekly quality content, we have a home for you here at BNG. We’re a great group of Bruins/Hockey fans that think on so many levels, and I’ve always loved capturing that passion on platforms such as these. Training is always available, so please don’t hesitate to ask, but please be a quick learner.

We’re also looking for additional help to grow our business in sports media. If you can dedicate time to work with a group of other Black N’ Gold Productions administrating colleagues and me, please send me an email with your ideas to blackngoldproductionsllc@gmail.com

Mark Allred | Founder/CEO Black N’ Gold Productions LLC

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