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Where Does Nikita Zadorov Fit in the Boston Bruins Lineup?

( Photo Credit: Matt Vautour )

By: Eamonn McLean | Follow me on Twitter / X @EamonnMcLean44

On July 1st, the Boston Bruins announced the signing of Nikita Zadorov to a six-year, $30 Million contract. Zadorov is a six-foot-six, 236-pound left-handed defenseman known for his physical style of play. With the Bruins already boasting six capable defensemen at the NHL level, many wonder where Zadorov may fit in the Bruins … Keep Reading

Bruins Free Agency: Elias Lindholm, Nikita Zadorov Signed to Contracts

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By: Jason Cooke | Follow me on Twitter / X @cookejournalism

That didn’t take long. Less than thirty minutes into free agency, Don Sweeney has already burnt through $12.75 million in cap space, signing Elias Lindholm and Nikita Zadarov to respective contracts. Lindholm’s deal looks to be seven years at $7.75 million, while Zadorov is inked for six years at $5 Keep Reading

Why The Bruins Locker Room Misses a Veteran Like Nick Foligno

( Photo Credit: Charles Krupa / AP )

By: Zach Beauchaine |Follow me on Twitter @OtisTheMango

The month of March is a particularly challenging one for National Hockey League teams. Teams often play several games on back-to-back nights, and injuries sometimes mount up. In March, teams do everything they can to prepare for the playoffs. The Boston Bruins have already secured their spot in the 2023 NHL playoffs; however, they … Keep Reading