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Help Wanted: Join our Black N’ Gold Productions Digital Content Team

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By: Mark Allred | Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Our Black N’ Gold Productions LLC Sports Media Company is looking for driven individuals to join our growing digital content team. If you’re a fan of the National Hockey Leagues Boston Bruins and would like to cover the organization’s many levels, we have a spot for you.

We may be interested in delving into covering the other major sports in Boston, but that would require additional team leaders and the ability to recruit and maintain a well-trained writing staff on our WordPress media platforms. If you’re up for the challenge of orchestrating coverage of the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, or New England Patriots, please send us your ideas to

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We’re looking for experienced writers who can produce multiple 500+ word articles per month, emphasizing quality and timely pieces. We will consider breaking news articles with a max of 250 words to get the news out quickly. We have an article requirement of two per month to keep an account with us but would like to focus on adding motivated candidates who post regularly and above and beyond our website requirements.

We ask that all who apply be team players in all aspects of the term. Sharing fellow BNG member’s work on your personal social media platforms is not only a sign of respect but also reaches a wider audience. Our company is driven by several means of advertising and commission work, so we ask that you also be a team player and move revenue-related links forward because if you are accepted, these funds often come full circle.

Team communication is essential to us here at BNG. We have a Slack channel, which is mandatory for article scheduling purposes to post multiple articles per day in a timely fashion. We know folks can’t spend all day checking Slack, but we ask that you stay in touch and acknowledge team notifications and updates when alerted.

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We offer a stipend for those who can post five or more quality 500+ word articles per month. This is part of our revenue share program, but please be aware that this is not an opportunity for full-time employment. These monthly revenue numbers fluctuate from the price of a case of beer to as high as a round of golf at a public course. Team members who produce the highest amount of quality written articles obviously get a higher share. We do accept college students here for a place to post Bruins related articles for class credits, but please be aware that the revenue share or stipend program is not available to interns per BNG company policy.

All potential candidates are to be 18-years-old and Bruins-related content produced must be done respectfully without trashing any organization, individual player, or other Boston Sports media personalities. We also do not discriminate when it comes to folks joining our team. If you have the ability to produce quality work consistently, all are welcome to participate. Please be aware that candidates are expected to act professionally here at BNG. While under the umbrella of our BNG company, any racist or sexist comments posted in our articles or social media will be grounds for immediate termination.

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Below is a list of openings that we’d currently like to fill for those interested and will be regularly updated as positions are filled. If you happen to see an area you’d like to cover and commit to multiple articles per month without wasting our time, please send an email and cover letter to

Video content Editors

Written Content Editors

NHL Boston Bruins Writers

Boston Bruins Alumni / Events Writers

Boston Bruins History Writers

AHL Providence Bruins Writers (Media Credentials Offered But Subject to Background Checks)

Bruins ECHL Affiliate Writers

Bruins Prospect Writers Either in North America (CHL, NCAA, USHL), Or Overseas in Europe

NWHL Boston Pride Women’s Professional Hockey Game Coverage at Warrior Ice Arena and Regular Article Contributors

Boston Bruins Podcasters Who Can Produce Quality Weekly Audio Content (Audio length must be 30 minutes long with a max of a two-hour recording)

Pre and Post Game Report Writers (Boston Pride, NHL, AHL)

In-Game Social Media Personalities Who Have The Ability to Post Quick Informative Thoughts About a Particular Contest and Provide Pre Game/End of Period/End of Game Stats regularly. Several Folks Can Operate This Position and Work on a Schedule If Needed.

BNG Social Media Manager

Thanks for taking the time to read our Black N’ Gold Productions Help Wanted article. We hope to hear from you soon about an open position above. If there’s an area of digital sports media that you do not see posted above or have a suggestion, please reach out to, and we’ll talk and see if the room can be made on our team for a potential arrival with your unique expertise.


  1. Joe Proderick

    I would love to contribute to this My main interest is the Boston Bruins and their history! Also being from Canada I have a different feel for the NHL unlike most Canadians I have no favourite teams in this country. Also I have no need for any $$ so I won’t be looking for any stipend.

    • Mark Allred Jr

      Send us an email with a cover letter about yourself and what type of Bruins history you’d like to cover.

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