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By: Jacob Abenante | Follow me on Twitter @Jacobabenante

The last time I wrote about our Bruins, they were rolling into an exciting matchup with the Philadelphia Flyers set to take place along beautiful Lake Tahoe. This excitement was not misplaced, for the game had a little bit of everything and has been the highlight of this season to date for me. Since the seven to three trouncing from the Bruins, the road has not been so smooth, as the team has had a 1-2-1 record since, stalling all momentum gained. Heading into the weekend, the Bruins have two tough matchups, one on Friday, March 5th, vs. the Washington Capitals, and one on Sunday, March 7th, vs. the New Jersey Devils. Today we will look at our best betting options in both matches, as well as a prop bet of the week. 

The basics

In each article, I will touch on the type of bets I will be highlighting for the week and go over what they mean and how I recommend taking them. Due to both of these matchups being vs. solid teams, we will be staying off of the puck-line. In turn, we will be looking at money line bets mostly. Remember from previous articles if the odds are positive, you see what your return would be if you bet $100, and if they are negative, you see what you would have to bet to get a return of $100. The other type of betting I will touch on here is the over-under. The over-under is as it sounds; if you take the over the two teams playing’s goal total must be over the shown number. The under is the exact opposite; if you take it to win, both teams’ goal total has to be under the number shown.  

Also, you will see me talk about units. Units are whatever you want them to be, and they will be different for every person. One unit should be whatever you are comfortable losing on your average bet. Never bet more than you are comfortable with

The plays of the weekend

The play I have for Friday, March 5th, vs. the Washington Capitals, is the under at six. We just watched the Bruins and Caps have what felt like a playoff game on Thursday with a total of only two regulation goals scored. If the game is anywhere near as tight as the most recent matchup, then the under at six will cover very easily and actually comes at a reasonable price of -105. I also expect the game to be very physical, and this should take away from a loose style of play and promote hard, defensive hockey. I think this bet can be looked at for about two units due to the price being solid and the goal total currently sitting at six.

For Sunday, March 7th, vs. the New Jersey Devils, the play I have is the Bruins on the money-line. I have taken the Bruins to win in every matchup vs. the Devils to date and have been wrong two of the three games, so take that as you will. My thought process may be a little biased but, I believe in this core and coaching staff, and to me, there is no chance the Bruins come out flat again vs. the Devils. The Bruins should be overly motivated for this matchup to prove they are the better team. I would recommend one unit on this matchup to stay on the safe side, for the Devils seem to match up well with our roster.

Prop bets

Prop bets are a fun way to get a little extra action on games at a very high value. The prop bet I am looking at taking this weekend is in the game vs. the Washington Capitals and is for Jack Studnicka to score a goal. I would assume this price will be around +450 to +550. Studnicka has been all over the puck in the last few games and looks much more comfortable at his natural position of center. With all of the chances he is generating, a goal will have to go in at some point, so let’s hope it is as soon as Friday night. If you want to take a little bit more risky play, I would look at streaky winger Jake Debrusk to possibly score a goal in either matchup this weekend, for it seems the walls around him are closing in if results are not found soon.