Providence Bruins Week 10 Begins

locker(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

It’s going to be a long week for the Providence Bruins as they headed out on a four-game tour of the North Division yesterday. The trip began with their first stop in Toronto, followed by tomorrow in Rochester, Saturday in Belleville and finally next Wednesday they will be in Utica. The only team of these four they had already met this season were the Rochester Americans, and that game ended up with a Providence win thanks to a goal from Ryan Donato in overtime. With Ryan back in Boston the team will have to find another lethal weapon to slay their northern foes. If they continue to use the skill, speed, coordination, and teamwork we have seen from them the past two weeks, they need look no further.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Toronto Marlies (AWAY)

marlies(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

The first stop in the great white north was to face the Toronto Marlies.  Ranked two places below Providence at eleventh in the Eastern Conference with a total of twenty-two points they were separated from Providence by only two points.  This game could have made the difference for the Marlies if it had gone their way.  The current Calder Cup champions are no doubt unhappy with where they are currently positioned in the rankings and were eager to claw their way closer to the top. So last night’s result was far from certain.

Toronto had scored eighty-six goals this season out of the 710 shots they had taken that put them at about a 12% success rate. Providence, on the other hand, was a little lower only being successful about 11% of the time. However, neither of these stats appeared to be a factor last night.  It came down to Providences strength on the Penalty Kill, the ability to take advantage of the power play opportunities in the second period, and the stellar goaltending of Dan Vladar.  This was the second shutout of the season for Vladar and a 5-0 victory for the Bruins over the Marlies.  A good start to a road trip and no matter how the rest of the week goes, they will have the support of all the fans back home who will anxiously be awaiting their arrival back at the Dunk on the 14th of December.

Friday, December 7, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Rochester Americans (AWAY)

amerks(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

The Providence Bruins travel back stateside for Friday’s game to meet up in New York with the Rochester Americans for the second time this season. With the first game being so close and finally falling Providences way, the pressure is surely going to be strong for the Americans to take this game and get a record win against the Bruins. Meeting twice a year for at least the past three years the Bruins seemed to have been charmed taking home the W in every match-up. So a win for Rochester this Friday would break a very long losing streak and dare we say it, a curse?

Rochester may have the man with the plan this year. Currently, they have a top 10 scorer, who also happens to be the overall defensive leader in goals, power-play goals, and shots on goal. That’s right Zach Redmond, the Rochester d-man, boast numbers of 13-9-22 in just 21 games. That is someone who deserves a little extra attention this Friday night if we want to be sure his numbers don’t climb higher that evening.

That is a strong player true, but one player does not make a team, and with the coordination and teamwork our boys are currently displaying they can definitely put an end to any run the Americans would like to start against the Bruins.

Saturday, December 8, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Belleville Senators (AWAY)

belle(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Having only one year in the league the Belleville Senators and the Providence Bruins have a rather short history. They have played two games against each other one in Providence and the other in Belleville. The game in Providence was won by the Bruins in regular time while the game in Belleville took into overtime for the Senators to score the game-winning goal, but win they did. With two games in the history books, these two teams have a .500 lifetime record, and this one game will make that number swing one way or the other by .250. Funny how quickly things change when the sample size is so small.

One other set of numbers to watch is the conference position and total points. As of today, the Senators are at fourteenth with twenty-one points, and the Bruins sit at eighth with twenty-six points. With six points up for grabs this weekend and two of them being a direct battle between the two teams, they could switch positions on the table very easily.

The significant items that would point toward Providence coming out on top of this battle are where the team names show up on the AHL Daily Report. Providence has players, not many mind you, scattered throughout many positive tables. Dan Vladar is a top fifteen goalie, Joel Messner leads with shorthanded assists and two players Fitzgerald and Hughes with successful penalty shots. Belleville shows up very little but does show up with the third most losing goalie, having lost eight, and a defenseman with the fifth most penalty minutes in the league with  51 PIMs in 22 games. These items do not spell victory for Providence, but they do give me a good feeling about it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Utica Comets (AWAY)

utica(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

The Utica Comets welcome the Providence Bruins for their first meeting of the year.  Providence won all four matches between these two teams last season, and the Comets are looking to change that going forward.  They come into this match with speed and the ability to aim for the net, already having taken seven hundred shots on goal this season as compared to Providences six hundred fifty number.  The number of times you shoot at the net doesn’t really matter if they never become goals. So, the question here is who actually has more goals.  The answer is, even with a much lower shot count, the Bruins have five more goals in total.

So we now know offensively who has the numbers advantage, let’s take a quick look at the defense.  We can see that Providence has allowed sixty-seven goals to slide by their goaltender in the twenty-three games so far this year.  Utica has allowed ninety-four to reach the back of the net, but they have played two additional games thus far. That’s a 2.91 and 3.76 goals against average for the two teams respectively.  Dan Vladar and Zane McIntyre have both had an amazing couple of weeks, and the defensive team has really picked up their game as well. Even if we take into account our rocky start, this looks good for the Bruins.  I don’t know about you, but I am under the impression that if the boys keep their wits about them and continue playing as they have, barring a catastrophic disaster, the Bruins should take those two points home to end their tour of the North Division.

My picks to watch this weekend:

Up Front:

Everyone – I know it seems like a cop-out, but honestly last week I could not pick a single outstanding front-runner. Everyone was working hard and pick-pocketing like they had been ripped from the pages of David Copperfield. Let’s take another week to enjoy the beauty that is/are, the Providence Bruins front lines at the moment.

On The Blue Line:

Olivier Galipeau – Overall I don’t know too much about him. He has one assist and two minor penalties in the four games he has played with Providence so far.   He was captain of his team in the QMJHL and had a +89 over a total of 308 games in 5 years. I recommend we all take a look this weekend and see what we think.

In Net:

Dan Vladar – Last week both our goalies performed stellar feats of tending. This week I thought we would focus on checking out the different style that Vlad brings to the net. His size naturally leads him to cover more of the net, but that does not end the conversation. How does he cover the correct parts of the net and how does he move that tall, lanky frame so quickly and effortlessly into position to prevent the goals that to an outsider appear unstoppable?

Cheers to week ten and best of luck to our Baby-B’s. Welcome to the first full week of December.  I will catch up with you next week and until then, feel free to message me on twitter with any questions or comments and as always, take some time to check out the other great articles by the incredible team here at Now Go Get Hockey With It!

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Providence Bruins Weekend Re-cap – Week 9

31210710007_67fe59aeaa_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Week nine and ‘bada-bing, bada-boom’ just like that the Providence Bruins pull five points out of the possible six this weekend to move them up, up, up in the rankings.  That’s correct three ups; it was that big a move.  In one weekend the baby-b’s went from last place in the division to sixth in the division, ninth in the conference and sixteenth overall in the league.  This past weekend saw the boys facing some of their stiffest competition yet and in a three-in-three weekend to boot.  It was not a simple task, nor was it something they were willing to just give up on.  Each and every player fought through this entire weekend, gave their all and I couldn’t be more proud. The character and resilience displayed by a few of these players were to be commended.  It was obvious that the noise about the early season penalty trouble had made its way around the league, but even when taunted on several occasions, most everyone kept calm and steered clear of being baited into anything.

Goaltender Performance:

Dan Vladar started in net this Saturday on the road against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.  Vladar had a solid night saving 29-30 shots bringing his save percentage back above .900 to .902. It looks like Vlady got his groove back.

Zane McIntyre got the nod twice again this week.  Starting in-goal both times against the Charlotte Checkers.  Friday night he had an amazing performance touted even by those who aren’t his biggest fans.  That night he saved 25-26 shots on goal. Sunday’s matinee was a bit of a roller-coaster for Zane’s emotions, and emotions are not good when you are in goal under heavy fire.  Even so, McIntyre managed to save 45 of the incredible 47 shots fired at him during this hotly contested battle.  His save percentage is now .878.

This Weekends Scores:

FRI Nov. 30 HOME              Providence 2 – Charlotte 1 WIN!!! 

SAT Dec. 1 AWAY             Providence 2 – Bridgeport 1 WIN!!!

SUN Dec. 2 HOME             Providence 2 – Charlotte 3 OTL

Detailed Daily Game Re-caps:

Friday, November 30, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Charlotte Checkers (HOME)

In the first of match of the three-in-three weekend, the Bruins faced the best team in the league, the Charlotte Checkers.  A team stacked with solid talent, not to mention a net tended by none other than Scott Darling, formerly of the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks.  Not an easy way to start the weekend, but Jay Leach and the entire team had the confidence and drive to not let this challenge get the better of them.  They went into this match full steam ahead skating circles around the checkers.

The first period was a challenge for both teams.  They were obviously geared up and ready to go, their feet were moving fast, and the puck was flying.  However, there was a bit of a case of the “oopsies” going around during the first half of the period with consistently missed passes or poorly handled pucks.  It took both teams about ten minutes to settle down and once they did it appeared that Providence had won the relaxation race.  They were reading the plays well and stealing the puck effortlessly over and over again.  Unfortunately pick-pocketing the Checkers never lead to any first period goals for the Bruins.  In fact, with only four minutes left to go in the period Charlotte’s McKegg was able to wrestle the puck out of the corner and make a clean pass to Poturlaski who then quickly nailed one past McIntyre high blocker. Zane was not impressed, but with a few stick taps from his teammates, appeared to brush it off.

The Bruins did not allow the lead to stand long.  Only 1:27 into the second period Bjork, fresh from Boston, rushed into the zone, passing to Fitzgerald who saw a clear path to Szwarz and that was all she wrote.  Szwarz found the back of the net right past Darling to score his 4th goal of the season.  With the score level at 1-1, the back and forth continued for the rest of the period.

It took until well into the third for Providence to find the room they needed to breathe.  On a power-play, with only four and a half minutes to play in regular time, McNeill passed to Hughes who found Cehlarik completely unguarded.  Cehlarik settled the puck and rocketed the tie-breaking goal past Darling.  Desperate to force overtime, the Checkers pulled their goalie at 3 minutes, but their effort was futile.  The Providence Bruins walked away with a huge morale-boosting win, even if the point difference was only one.  Final score: Providence 2- Charlotte 1.

Saturday, December 1st, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AWAY)

Coming off a strong victory the previous night can do one of two things to a team; leave them overconfident and prone to mistakes or get them back door and ready to take on the world.  Which Providence Bruins team would show up in Bridgeport on Saturday?  It wasn’t going to be that easy to answer.  It would take time to see the two teams match up and gain their momentum before it could really be determined.

Dan Vladar started in-goal on Saturday and was fully prepared for the challenge.  He has met Bridgeport before and knows they can be fierce competitors.  The first period in this game is very similar to many we have seen lately, a lot of feeling each other out, a fair number of half-hearted shots on goal by both sides, but altogether not much to write home about. The horn sounded with no score for anyone.

That would change for Providence five and a half minutes into the second period.  Austin Fyten attempted to score, but the rebound headed out deep into the corner.  Anton Blidh was there to dig it out and drive for the net drawing the attention of all the defenders before cleverly passing to Sherman who slid the puck in the back door to open the scoring with his second goal of the season.  The rest of the period saw both teams pushing hard toward the net, but neither capitalizing on any opportunity.  When the period closed Providence led with the one goal from Wiley Sherman.

The third period was not as kind to Providence.  The only puck that found the back of the net this period came from a Sound Tiger and slid right past Vladar.  Similar to Blidh’s play the previous period, Ho-Sang pulled the puck out of the corner and passed it to Wotherspoon in front of the net.  Wotherspoon saw the opening and took it.  The score was now level, one all.  Forcing overtime guaranteed a minimum of one point for Bridgeport in this game, but that was all Providence was willing to let them have.  After four Providence shots on goal in overtime, Fitzgerald appeared to be on the breakaway when one of the Bridgeport defenders tripped him ending the bid for a goal, or so he thought.  The referees saw it differently awarding Fitzgerald a penalty shot, which Ryan slowly took up the ice and landed solidly behind Chris Gibson the Bridgeport goaltender.  With that Penalty shot Fitzy won the game for the Bruins. Final score: Providence 2 – Bridgeport 1.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Charlotte Checkers (HOME)

This Sunday matinee promised to be a doozy, and it would not disappoint.  A rematch from Friday with the Charlotte Checkers and the last time the two teams will meet for the regular season.  There was everything you could ask for from a good matinee, happiness, sadness, anger, tears, laughter and all the bears were safely behind the glass. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, well… almost perfect.

The game began with the Bruins wanting to be the first out of the gate.  At sixty-six seconds Fitzgerald took a shot that ricocheted off Darling and headed directly for Jordan Szwarz.  Szwarz not willing to waste a good rebound sent the puck back at the recovering goaltender and slid it right by him, scoring his seventh of the season.   With the Bruins up by one, the Checkers felt the need to pummel McIntyre with pucks, twelve shots on goal in just the first period, but not a single one found its way past.

The second period got a bit chippy as the teams battled back and forth.  Charlotte appeared to be skating through molasses from time to time slow to respond and make any real progress.  Perhaps this was their aim?  Up until this point, Providence had been playing a very fast paced game driving hard, so by slowing things down maybe they hoped to disrupt the flow of Providences game.  Either way, the Checkers defender Trevor Carrick was trying to bait anyone he could into a brawl.  Believe it or not, even Anton Blidh took a pass on this guy, well for now anyway.

The third period began similarly with a fair amount of exchange between the two teams, until at a bit after six minutes when Kuhlman pulled a nifty one.  Shooting the puck straight at Darling, who was unable to control the rebound, it came straight back out and after a glance around Kuhlman passed it Frederic who was positioned perfectly to lay the puck in behind the veteran goaltender and put the Bruins up by two.  The story was far from over though as the prodding that the Checkers had been doing all night and in fact all weekend was finally wearing on the Baby-B’s.  The penalties came creeping in and at 9:33 on one of the power-play opportunities the Checkers scored a goal to bring them within one point of tying and forcing overtime.

Then things got really hairy.  A few after that power-play goal there was a flurry of activity around the Providence net; shots on goal, battles for position and so on.  In the middle of this chaos one of the Charlotte players gloves the puck out of the air and herein lies the controversy, according to McIntyre the puck went straight into the goal off the glove (illegal), according to some sources it may have been redirected off the players stick into the goal, and according to other sources it may have actually come of one of the Bruins skates into the goal.  Regardless, from McIntyre’s point of view, it was a hand goal, and he chased the referees past the blue line screaming and motioning about it.  When it was clear his input was not making a difference Zane headed back to the goal to await the result of the officials’ conference.  The result did not go his way and enraged, he busted his stick against the goal and threw what remained ‘in the direction of,’ not ‘AT’ per se, the referees.  He was lucky to get away with that I’d say.  After the game when I mentioned how lucky he was, he cracked a wry smile and said, “Noticed that did you?”  Um, yes Zane pretty sure thousands of us did.

45212221905_72899a6391_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

With the score even and forced into overtime, both teams fought down to the very last seconds.  Perhaps distracted by the earlier rage or thinking ahead to the shoot-out, Zane let his guard down and with only sixteen seconds left in overtime Charlotte scored the game-winning goal.  The emotion of this moment let loose a brawl, and Anton Blidh ended up getting a ten-minute major for misconduct along with Szwarz and Charlotte’s Carrick receiving two-minute minors for roughing. Not the perfect end to the weekend, but a great weekend indeed!

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Providence Bruins Week 9 Preview

38772744680_0dcac31033_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

And they’re off… no, not the Providence Bruins well, not all of them anyway.  The additional injuries with the big club have led to Donato and Kovar both heading that way for the weekend, and with both of them out of the lineup, the baby bruins are currently down to twelve healthy forwards.  If I count, correctly that is exactly four full shifts.  My guess is we may see some more visitors from Atlanta over the weekend, but one can never tell.  The limited substitution power up front could make this weekend’s agenda just a little more challenging for our boys in Black and Gold, but with the improvement, we have seen lately I have no doubt they will be giving it their all to take home as many of those six points as possible.


Friday, November 30, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Charlotte Checkers (HOME)

39872416764_5efc914738_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Only facing the Charlotte Checkers twice a year usually in two game weekends leaves very little room for error if you don’t want a losing record. Last year the Checkers moved from the central division to the Atlantic, so it was the first time we had the opportunity to play them.  Last year the games were evenly split, two for the Bruins and two for the Checkers.  The teams have already met for their first round of games this year on November 2nd and 3rd in Charlotte.  Both of those games ended with a loss for Providence only by one point, but still, it was a pointless weekend for the B’s.

The teams have already met three times on Fridays and this week will bring that total to four.  Charlotte has taken two of the three W’s available on those nights.  One of the wins for Charlotte came in Providence and one at their home arena.  The one win the Bruins had, came at home.  With all of this in mind, Providence will need to take this game in order to have any hope of getting a Friday head-to-head record of .500.

Saturday, December 1, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AWAY)

39737032434_7794f6d0fc_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

The Providence Bruins welcome in December by traveling to Bridgeport to take on the Sound Tigers.  Games between these two teams are never boring. The rivalry is real.  These two teams have a fifty-fifty split going for the past five years running. Last year Providence took five wins in regular time and one in a shoot-out, and as if to make it comical the Sound Tigers did the same.  This year it has not been quite so even with game results, but each team is tied with two wins apiece.  The two-game that Providence won were by three or more goals.  The two games they lost were by one goal that was scored in overtime.

Currently, the Sound Tigers are ranked second in the division directly below the Bruins another foe of the weekend, the Checkers.  One thing is for sure, the Baby-B’s don’t do anything the easy way.  Friday night and Sunday afternoon meeting the first ranked team and sandwiching an “easier” game with the second-ranked team in between just to mix it up.  It should be a fun weekend to be a Providence Bruins fan.

Sunday, December 3, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Charlotte Checkers (HOME)

39040905000_a6b7990802_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Charlotte returns to Providence Sunday perched at the top of the division staring down at the Providence Bruins and Hershey Bears forming the solid base.  Looking to get out from that base position and climb nearer the ranks of the Checkers, the Bruins will no doubt be using every ounce of their newly found coordination and chemistry to try and win both matches this weekend to bring not just the season record but the historical record of these two teams to .500.

The teams have only met once before on a Sunday.  That Sunday fell on November 26, 2017, and the game was played in Charlotte.  Regular time ended with a level score of 1-1 and overtime yielded no goals either.  The game came down to the shoot-out and a long one at that.  Both goaltenders stopped the first three shots and allowed the fourth shot in.  This sent them into sudden death, Jordan Binnington stopped the first shot from Charlotte and then it was Providences turn with the puck.  Ryan Fitzgerald took a hard line and nailed a solid shot right past the Charlotte goaltender to score the game-winning goal and take home the two-points for Providence.  No matter how this Sunday’s matinee shapes up, there is no doubt that the Bruins are playing for the same outcome as that Sunday.

My picks to watch this weekend:

Up Front:

Everyone – Seriously, the team is down to twelve, possibly 13 is Bjork in the line-up. Take some time to check out the chemistry they have built through the first month and how much they have grown together.

On The Blue Line:

Wiley Sherman – The Wall of Sherman will be a critical piece of defense this weekend against these two tough competitors.  Keep an eye on how well Wiley positions himself and reads the plays coming his way.

In Net:

Zane McIntyre – Zane had two nights in goal last week, and one of those nights he stood on his head to get Providence the victory.  Can he repeat this or will he repeat his up and down pattern of previous seasons?

Cheers to week nine and best of luck to our Baby B’s. Welcome to the season of giving.  I will catch up with you next week and until then, feel free to message me on twitter with any questions or comments and as always, take some time to check out the other great articles by the incredible team here at Now Go Get Hockey With It!

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Providence Bruins Weekend Re-cap – Week 8

45108775584_0a14212eb0_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Week eight was a three-game holiday week with all road games and the Providence Bruins came together like we knew they could.  The challenges of call-ups and injuries seemed to do little to damage their spirit and resolve as they came away with five of the possible six points for the week.  These five points put them even with the Hershey Bears for seventh place in the division and the communication, chemistry, and composure that are taking hold in a big can only add up to better rankings.  As we have seen in previous seasons the challenges of the early season have begun to fade and we are starting to see the real Providence Bruins shine through.

Two goalies(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

Goaltender Performance:

Dan Vladar started in net on Saturday at the PPL Center against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.  Saving 18-21 shots on goal bringing his save percentage to .893.

Zane McIntyre started in net twice this week.  Wednesday in Hartford saving 18-22 shots on goal and Sunday in Wilkes-Barre making an impressive 32-34 saves.  His save percentage is now .858.

This Weekends Scores:

WED Nov. 21 AWAY              Providence 3 – Hartford 4 OTL 

SAT Nov. 24 AWAY             Providence 6 – Lehigh Valley 3 WIN!!!

SUN Nov. 25 AWAY             Providence 4 – Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 2 WIN!!!

Detailed Daily Game Re-caps:

Wednesday, November 21, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Hartford Wolf Pack (AWAY)

hfd(Photo Courtesy of the Hartford Wolf Pack)

In the first of several Wednesday night games the Bruins have coming up they traveled to Hartford Connecticut to battle their familiar foe the Wolf Pack.  When these two pair off it is always even odds for who will be the victor of the night and just how many penalties are going to be awarded. This night was to be no different.

The first period did see its fair share of penalties, but not near as many as we have seen in the past.  The 6:38 roughing penalty called against Providences Tanner Pond put the Wolf Pack on the power-play, but Karson Kuhlman had other plans.  Taking a quick pass from Messner, Kuhlman drove the puck past the Pack’s goaltender at 7:50 and landed a shorthanded goal in the back of the net.  The Bruins were not as successful on the 12:07 hooking penalty called on Austin Fyten.  This time on the power-play Hartford’s Belesky was able to sneak by McIntyre at 13:49 and even the score at 1-1.  A level score meant everyone kicked it into high gear trying to get the lead before the end of the period.  A hooking call against Hartford gave the Bruins the power-play they needed for the extra push and at 18:28 Ryan Fitzgerald scored the power-play goal with the help of Szwarz and Cuminsky.  The score as the horn sounded was Providence 2- Hartford 1.

The second period started out with a bang, literally.  Providences Pond and Hartford’s O’Donnell came to blows at only two minutes in.  Once those two were safely in their respective penalty boxes, there was not much going for the rest of the period.  There were a couple minor penalties called, maybe just to break the boredom, and then with only two seconds left on the clock, Hartford’s Belesky was aided by Meskanen and former Bruin O’Gara to bring the score back even.  This time the horn blew with a score of Providence 2 – Hartford 2.

The third was not a repeat of the second.  Two penalties in the first five minutes one for each side.  Then at 9:36 the break the Wolf Pack were looking for, O’Donnell was able to slide a goal in behind McIntyre who had slid a little too far out of position giving them the lead for the first time all night.  Not impressed with being down by one and eager to prove his worthiness of the recent PTO signing Cuminsky worked hard and with the help of Fitzgerald and Donato was able to find the back of the net at 13:23 making it an even game once again.  The horn sounded seven minutes later signaling the end of regular time and the need for the OT.

Overtime was not a shot fest or a quick one and done as it has been in the past with these two teams.  Instead there were only two shots on goal from Providence and one from Hartford.  That one from Hartford was a good one and at 3:30 Lettieri was able to score the game-winning goal and shut the door on the Bruins hopes of an overtime victory.

Saturday, November 24th, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AWAY)

LHV(Photo Courtesy of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms)

Thanksgiving was over and the tryptophan coma had hopefully passed when the Bruins headed down to Lehigh Valley to face the Phantoms for the first time away from home this season.  The two teams battled it out last weekend here in Providence with a less than desirable result for our Bruins.  This time being away from home and fired up from a disappointing loss, the baby-b’s were there to win it.  The question was could they keep the penalty bug at bay by maintaining the level heads they needed to capture the two points.

The first period of the game would test their resolve right off the puck drop.  In under a minute and a half the Phantoms had been able to score two goals on Vladar and were looking smug already.  The Bruins players kept their cool and showed remarkable restraint even waving off a taunt or two that was directed at them from their opponents.  Those level heads paid off when at 17:14 Austin Fyten was able to slide one past the Phantoms goaltender and get the Bruins back in the game.  Both teams were full steam ahead and charging the net at every opportunity.  Providence had racked up thirteen shots on goal and the Phantoms six, but when the horn sounded in the valley it was Providence 1 – Lehigh Valley 2.

Fired up from the late goal from Fyten in the first the Bruins started the second period with a goal at 2:42 by team captain Jordan Szwarz assisted by Fitgerald.  This brought the scores even, but the Phantoms were not ready to concede.  Just two minutes later they took the lead again on a goal by Bardrau assisted by Twarynski.  Perhaps this lead change just caused something to snap in the Bruins, because from here on in, they were lights out.  Scoring twice more this period, once at 9:41 when Sherman and Zboril handed one-off to Fitzy and the second was an unassisted goal by Cameron Hughes at 14:22.  The horn sounded for period two on a very different game, Providence 4 – Lehigh Valley 3.

The drive to the end continued into the third period for the Bruins as the shots on goal can attest.  The third period saw Providence with twelve shots on goal, while the Phantoms were only able to squeeze in four.  Those shots on goal did not materialize into any actual goals for Lehigh Valley, but two Providence pucks found their way to the back of the net.  At 2:59 Austin Fyten doubled his tally with the help of Emil Johannsen widening the providence lead to two goals and then at 7:14 Cameron Hughes followed suit taking help from Kuhlman to provide the final goal of the night.  When the horn finally sounded at the end of the third the score was a lopsided Providence 6 – Lehigh Valley 3.

Sunday, November 25th, 2018, Providence Bruins vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AWAY)

WBS(Photo Courtesy of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins)

With level heads prevailing the previous night and allowing the solid victory, the Bruins may have gotten the boost they needed to take on one of their hardest competitors of the weekend, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.  Having faced the Penguins the weekend before on home ice and won, they had gained a bit of confidence, but facing the top ranked team in the division is nerve-wracking at any time.  The matinée result this day was far from predetermined.

This first period began like a game of Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots.  David Broll, on his first shift back after injuring his hand in a pre-season fight, dropped his gloves and his helmet to take on the Penguins McGrath only two minutes in.  Broll and McGrath were both slapped with five minutes for fighting and another two for unsportsmanlike conduct due to the removal of their helmets.  As if that wasn’t bad enough for the Penguins Burton was called for Interference at 2:08, putting the Bruins on their first power-play of the night.  Only a minute later Kovar and Donato combined to provide the perfect ingredients for Fitzgerald to score the first goal of the night putting Providence up 1-0.  It took until the last-minute of the period for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to make a successful bid for a goal.  At 19:16 Johnson slid one in past McIntyre and was able to level the score to end the period.

The second period began with a Providence 1 – WBS 1 score and both teams wanted that to change as quickly as possible.  They challenged each other through the neutral zone and fought hard to keep the competitors away from the net.  This back and forth continued until nearly twelve minutes into the period when Cehlarik broke through the Penguins defense and scored with the help of McNeill.  The hole in the defense did not have time to mend before Fitzgerald and Szwarz passed the puck over to Donato who lit the lamp once again for the Bruins.  When the horn sounded at the end of 20 the score was Providence 3 – WBS 1.

The third period was much like the second, but this time the Penguins were scrambling to get back in the game.  Providence was also looking to score but was more intent on keeping Wilkes-Barre/Scranton away from their net.  15:56 into the period the Penguins pulled within one with a goal from Burton.  This goal amped up both sides as they desperately fought to secure the win.  Several times in the last two minutes Wilkes-Barre wanted to pull their goalie, but they just could not clear the puck far enough out to do so.  Finally, at 19:24 their chance came, the goalie scrambled to the bench and the additional man joined the play.  Unfortunately, it was just in time for Jakub Zboril to score the empty net goal and seal the end for the Penguins. Final Score at the horn, Providence 4 – WBS 2.

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Providence Bruins Week 8 Preview

45108775584_0a14212eb0_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

The Providence Bruins enter Thanksgiving week with three away games on tap.  Wednesday the team travels to Hartford to play the Wolf Pack. Thursday and Friday, they will presumably be consuming immense amounts of turkey and recovering from the tryptophan hangover.  Saturday they will be back in action facing the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in Allenstown, Pennsylvania.  They will round out their weekend by traveling to Mohegan Sun Arena for a matinee game Sunday against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.  After the challenge they faced this past weekend and the performances they put in, I think they are more than ready.

Providence_Bruins_Playoffs_Hershey_Bears_28.0(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Wednesday, November 21st Providence Bruins vs. Hartford Wolf Pack (AWAY)

The Wolf Pack and the Bruins have met three times already this season, twice in Hartford and once in Providence.  The Wolf Pack has won two of those three games with Providence winning one of the games played in Hartford.  The fifty percent average while away at Hartford is very telling as it has historically been the record over the past two years.  In addition, the teams both sit at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and have similar recent win/loss records. All things considered, this game is truly going to be a toss-up and a matter of who brings their best game that day.

Rob O’Gara a previous Bruin now plays for the Wolf Pack, so expect to see some interesting interactions between former teammates and friends.


Lehigh Valley(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

Saturday, November 24th Providence Bruins vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AWAY)

The Lehigh Valley rematch will be a rough one.  The game this past weekend was a hard fought and emotional game for both teams.  Each team walked away feeling they had been wronged at some point during the night, but one did walk away the victor.

With a forty percent win record against Lehigh Valley last year and the impressive showing last Friday it is not impossible to imagine Providence pulling out this game on Saturday night.  If they keep up the coordinated effort we saw this past weekend and work a little bit harder on keeping a level head they can easily come away with the win this weekend.

31962550678_6e65d04b49_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Sunday, November 25th Providence Bruins vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AWAY)

For the first time this season the eighth-ranked Bruins will be meeting the fifth-ranked Penguins away from home.  The first two games of this season were victories for Providence. However, over the past five years, the overall season record for these two teams has been right about fifty percent.  The record doesn’t change a whole lot when we break out home and away.  Providence won 8 of 12 matches at home and 4 of 10 away.  With all records and standings considered the odds are slightly in the Bruins favor for the Sunday Matinee and I look for it to be a tight and highly contested game.

My picks to watch this weekend:

Up Front:

Colby Cave – He was robbed of his Gordie Howe Hat-trick this past weekend when his fight was recorded as “roughing”.  However, his effort and exemplary performance has not faltered.  Keep an eye on Colby.

On The Blue Line:

Wiley Sherman – As I have begun to call him the great “Wall” of Sherman.  This kid has and does put his tall frame in the line of so many pucks in a game that I lose count.  You don’t need to keep an eye on the puck keep an eye on where the wall is and where he is placing his body and that will tell you all you need to know.

In Net:

Dan Vladar – Having a falling save percentage can get to a goalie. I want to see Dan pull himself out of this and rise above.

Cheers to week eight and best of luck to our Baby B’s. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I will catch up with you next week and until then, feel free to message me on twitter with any questions or comments and as always, take some time to check out the other great articles by the incredible team here at Now Go Get Hockey With It!

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Providence Bruins Week 7 Re-cap

Header(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Week seven was a mixed bag for the Providence Bruins.  The massive challenge that the weekend presented Providence would not see them shrinking away, but rather standing tall and ready for battle.  They were barely held off from a victory on Friday night and continued their winning streak against the top-ranked Rochester Americans on Saturday.

Goaltender Performance:

Dan Vladar got the start in net on Friday at home against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.  Saving 21-26 shots on goal bringing his save percentage down to .897.

Zane McIntyre was your Saturday night starter at home against the Rochester Americans. Saving 27-29 shots on goal making his save percentage .848.

This Weekends Scores:

FRI Nov. 16 HOME              Providence 4-Lehigh Valley 5 Loss 

SAT Nov.17 HOME             Providence 3-Bridgeport 2 WIN!!!

Picture(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

Detailed Daily Game Re-caps:

Friday, November 16, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms (HOME)

The Providence Bruins host the Lehigh Valley Phantoms at the Dunkin Donuts Center for the first time since their Calder Cup ending match-up in April.  This action-packed game was filled with ups and downs for our Baby B’s.

The first period saw the Providence Bruins looking stronger than they have all season.  They were coordinated and composed, with good passing, solid puck-handling skills and the level heads that were required to out-think the Phantoms.  The first three goals of the game went to the Bruins at 2:00 Cameron Hughes scored with the help of teammates Fitzgerald and Cehlarik. Six-and-a-half minutes later Colby Cave fed Wiley Sherman what he needed to score the second goal of the night.  Already having the assist, Colby wanted a goal of his own.  So, at 13:01 with the help of Goloubef and Johanssen he satisfied this want and put the third goal on the board for Providence. At this point, the wheels started to come off.  The penalties began to roll in, and Lehigh Valley started to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

The first penalties of the night were minors at 15:09 awarded to Bruins’ Fyten (High Sticking) and Phantoms’ Connor (Hooking).  After returning to full strength from the 4-on-4 play, Lehigh Valleys Bunnaman was able to sneak a puck in behind Dan Vladar and put the first goal on their first goal on the board.  Karson Kuhlman took only one minute to answer this with a Providence goal to return the Bruins to a three-point lead.  Perhaps the three-point lead is not a good thing for Providence as in the last minute of the period the Bruins were slammed with two penalties.  Szwarz was called for slashing at 19:16 and Goloubef for roughing at 19:53.

The second period began with Providence leading 4-1 but Lehigh Valley with nearly two whole minutes of 5-on-3 play to work with.  The Phantoms would not let this 5-on-3 go to waste when at only twelve seconds Connor scored the power-play point bringing Lehigh Valley to within 2 points.  To add to the misery, the Providence team that appeared on the ice in the second was a completely different team that started the game, not literally of course.  Their puck handling was poor.  They were continually being stripped of the puck and were passing to phantom players, not reading or setting up well for plays.

Lehigh Valley continued to press the Bruins, once again sneaking a puck around the back of Vladar at 11:03.  Varone had noted that during the first period that Dan Vladar was sliding a bit farther out of the net than normal tonight and leaving room to sneak the puck in between his skates and the pipe, just as his teammate Bunnaman had in the first.

Heading into the third period the score was Bruins 4 – Phantoms 3.  There was still hope that the Bruins would beat the team that had ended their run for the Calder Cup earlier this year.  That hope was severely damaged at 4:55 when Lehigh Valley’s Twarynski rushed the goal and slammed into goaltender Dan Vladar.  Twarynski was awarded a goal and goaltender interference.  Vladar was visibly shaken and took a significant amount of time and a visit from the trainer before recovering enough to get up and get moving again.  Twarynski’s goaltender interference call was officially recorded as roughing, but either way, the goal was somewhat questionable and definitely rattled the team.

The level heads that prevailed at the beginning of the game were nowhere to be found now, as both Sherman and Donato were called for minor penalties in the next ten minutes.  Lehigh Valley capitalized on Donato’s penalty to score a power-play goal giving them their first lead of the day Bruins 4 – Phantoms 5 and securing their victory.

44113739180_41578294a4_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Saturday, November 17, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Rochester Americans (HOME)

The Rochester Americans came to Providence ready to show the Bruins what a first ranked team looked like.  The Bruins, on the other hand, were ready to prove that they were not the team that the numbers are claiming and continue their streak of wins against Rochester.

The first period was a battle of wills between the two teams.  Each team doing their best to get the puck through the neutral zone and into enemy territory.  The effort seemed nearly futile from time to time as the puck would ultimately be turned over and back it would go.  Only six shots on goal for Providence and eight for the Amerks in the entire period, but in contrast to recent games, both teams were able to keep relatively composed with only three penalties being called. Entering the locker room, the score was 0-0.

Both teams came out fired up to hit the back of the net in the second period.  The first to finish the race this time was the Amerks Bailey, he was able to find a way past Zane McIntyre twice in the first twelve minutes two put the visitors up 2-0.  Shortly after that, however, Guhle was called for interference, and Providence was suddenly on the power-play.  Capitalizing on the power-play has not been the Bruins strong suit, but Jordan Szwarz on his first weekend back from injury decided to change that. Scoring his first goal of the weekend with the help of Donato and Galipeau he brought the Amerks lead down to one.  The teams traded minor penalties back and forth to the end of the period and headed to the locker room this time with a score of Providence 1- Rochester 2.

The third period was the fight for the finish.  Providence came out showing some steeled nerves and renewed confidence.  Their passing was controlled, and the defense was well above par.  First out of the gate this time was the pair we have come to see often, Cehlarik and Cameron.  At two minutes Cehlarik fed Cameron the perfect puck to sneak by the Rochester goaltender and level the score at 2-2.  The rest of the period was much like the first, a lot of back and forth a couple of minor penalties but no goals for either side.  The resulting tie score sent this game into overtime.

Overtime was not to last long.  Rochester took the first shot on goal, but Zane defended his post not allowing the puck to find its way in.  Only a minute in the Bruins found their opportunity.  Colby Cave was able to pass the puck Ryan Donato who was in the perfect position to score the game-winning goal and capture the two points for Providence!

Lehigh Valley(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

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Providence Bruins Week 7 Preview

40142141074_bd7f68ff42_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Providence Bruins enter this weekend with a significant challenge on their plate.  Friday night they will face the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, who not only sit third in the division at the moment but were the force that ended the Bruins run for the Calder Cup in 2018.  Saturday night the Bruins will face the Rochester Americans who currently sit in first place in the North Division. The question that we face is whether the improvement the Bruins have shown in the past weeks is enough to overcome these challenges.

40429951595_5f7ac793fd_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Friday, November 16th Providence Bruins vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms (HOME)

The Dunkin Donuts Center will be haunted by the Lehigh Valley Phantoms for the first time since April when they beat the Bruins 4-3 to win the first round of the Calder Cup Play-Offs and put an end to the season for Providence.

With that being the last meeting between the two teams and many of the same players being on the ice, I would expect tensions to be running a little higher than normal.  This year’s batch of players has been more penalty prone on a good day, so this will no doubt be the situation on Friday as well.

Last season these two teams had a regular season head to head record of Providence 2 – Lehigh Valley 4, the same as the previous season.  Post-season the record was Providence 1 – Lehigh Valley 3. Statistically and historically the deck is stacked against the Bruins this Friday, their best bet is to believe in themselves, keep a level head, and bring the team effort that we saw this last weekend.

40142145694_7ea2c2b821_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Saturday, November 17th Providence Bruins vs. Rochester Americans (HOME)

Saturday night brings the Rochester Americans to Providence to face the Bruins for the first of their two meetings this season. The two teams lie in different divisions, the Bruins in the Atlantic and the Amerks in the North, so they only meet twice.

The past two years, this arrangement has worked well for the Bruins as they have walked away winning both games in each of the seasons.  With a perfect record against this team in the past it would be easy to get overconfident.  Give me one second to slow your roll. Providence currently sits in 7th place in the Atlantic division with 12 points. The Amerks, on the other hand, are standing atop the North Division with 21 points.  That is more than enough to give me pause and remind me that nothing is ever as easy as it appears at first glance.  So, just as with Friday’s uphill battle the boys in Black and Yellow will have to bring their A-game and keep their wits about them if they are to keep their record against the Amerks a perfect one.

40612138414_9ebd6706a0_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

My picks to watch this weekend:

Up Front:

Colby Cave and Anton Blidh– Both of these players have provided the consistency and leadership the team has needed through the beginning of the season.  Coach Leach even described the pair as the heartbeat of the team.  This weekend will definitely put a strain on the heartbeat, let’s see how they do.

On The Blue Line:

Cody Goloubef – This man’s name came up several times last weekend for me, I will be keeping a close eye on him this weekend to see if I am in fact seeing the positives I thought I saw.

In Net:

Dan Vladar – Having played only one game last weekend and being called up to Boston on an emergency basis, I want to see how he feels coming back home to the Dunk.

39040905000_a6b7990802_z(Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

Cheers to week seven and best of luck to our Baby B’s. The Providence Bruins Fan Club is holding a winter clothing drive.  If you have any gently used winter clothing feel free to bring it along and drop it in the donation box near their booth behind section 104.  I will catch up with you next week and until then, feel free to message me on twitter with any questions or comments and as always, take some time to check out the other great articles by the incredible team here at Now Go Get Hockey With It!

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Providence Bruins Weekend Recap – Week 6

31962550678_6e65d04b49_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Week six is in the books, and the team is starting to show glimmers of the group we have been waiting for.  Consistent with previous years, the Providence Bruins have started out a bit of wreck, but as the weeks pass by, the boys tend to mesh together and start bringing the game we all know they have within.  This weekends two out of three game wins, with the loss being a very, very close overtime loss is evidence of just how far they have come.

Colby Cave and Anton Blidh have been standouts for this team providing what coach Jay Leach calls, “the heartbeat” of the team.   This may be just what they need as the team faces a merry-go-round of players back and forth to Boston to cover injuries, leaves of absence, and even some players coming back for more spit and polish.  The close relationship between these two teams is truly a blessing, but along with that comes the challenge of juggling that interdependency.  The stability, consistency, and leadership shown by Cave and Blidh all season has without a doubt contributed to the ability for the entire team to mesh and build to where they are now.

44890450565_64a36fe0e8_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Goaltender Performance:

Dan Vladar manned the net on Friday at home against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.  Saving 27-28 shots on goal bringing his save percentage to .909.  Vladar was called up to Boston on an emergency basis Saturday and was released back to Providence on Monday.

Zane McIntyre manning the net on Saturday in Bridgeport. Saving 20-25 shots on goal in the highly contested match-up.  Taking the net on back to back days, this time back in Providence on Sunday. Zane Saved 20-22 shots on goal ending the weekend with a save percentage of .833.

This Weekends Scores:

FRI Nov. 9 HOME              Providence 2-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 1 WIN!!! 

SAT Nov.10 AWAY            Providence 4-Bridgeport 5 OTL!!!

SUN Nov.11 HOME            Providence 5-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 2 WIN!!! 

31932363958_0b4c2b79f8_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Detailed Daily Game Re-caps:

Friday, November 9, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (HOME)

The Providence Bruins host the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins at the Dunkin Donuts Center for their first match-up of the year.  This low scoring game was packed with twelve penalties evenly split between the two teams.

The first period saw the penalties begin around the five-and-a-half-minute mark when penguins Czuczman was sent to the box for high-sticking.  Five minutes later the same teams Haggerty was called for tripping and thirty seconds into the power-play Providences Martin Bakos scored the first goal of the night with help from Kovar and Fitzgerald. Not satisfied with just contributing to a goal, Kovar went to the box for hooking to round out the period.

The second period was even lighter on the goal scoring, but they did take it up one notch on the penalty meter.  Penguins Hovart and Bruins Frederic started the penalties off at 6:49 seconds with a litany of charges.  Hovart went to the penalty box for a 2-minute minor (boarding), and a 5-minute major (fighting), but Frederic one-upped those with 2-minute minor (instigating), 5-minute major (fighting) and 10-minute misconduct (instigating).  The rest of the period was quiet save two more minors, one for the Penguins Summers (slashing) and the other for our very own Colby Cave (interference).

The third period was started off with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton player Summers being sent to the box for slashing two-and-a-half minutes in. Following this stint Providence skaters, Blidh and Johansson visited the penalty box for holding and cross-checking, respectively. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton was not content with letting this game slip through their grasp without at least scoring one goal.  So, at 15:08 Lafferty with help from Haggerty found the back of the net to even the score in Providence. One final penalty from Providence from Fitzgerald for slashing and the lads were off to over-time.

Over-time came in like the other periods with an initial penalty from WBS near the two-minute mark putting Providence on the power-play.  This was to be the break the Bruins were looking for as Fitzgerald scored the second power-play goal of the night with the help of Goloubef and Kovar.  This game-winning goal saw Providence take the two points and the W in the first match against WBS this season.

31932364298_6da40ec2c1_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Saturday, November 10, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AWAY)

Traveling to Bridgeport to meet up with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers this weekend saw a much different game than Friday with a similar, but not as gratifying result.

The first period kicked off with Bruins Forward Fitzgerald being booked for interference at 1:18, putting Bridgeport on the quick power-play.  Not letting this opportunity slip away Toews assisted by Fritz and C. Bourque scored the first goal of the game.  A reversal of roles was coming soon as R. Bourque was booked for cross-checking and while on the power-play Bruins Forward Kovar scored the tying power-play goal assisted by Fitzgerald and Cave.  Bridgeport would not be kept down for long however as only a minute later Bellows scored for the Sound Tigers with help from Bernier and Fritz, putting them up by 1 with a score of 2-1. Three more penalties were handed out in the remainder of the period, one to Bridgeport’s St. Denis (holding) and two to Providence skaters Goloubef (tripping) and Fitzgerald (holding).

Beginning the second period down by one the Bruins were not thrilled when Bridgeport was the first to find the back of the net at 4:28 on a goal by C. Bourque assisted by St. Denis and Koivula.  This blow may have contributed to the roughing penalties handed out to Bruins Kovar and WBS Jones.  Not all who are down use their fists, in this instance Anton Blidh used his stick to score an unassisted goal at 5:39 to bring them back within one goal.  The next fifteen minutes were not so kind to the Bruins.  First, two penalties were handed out to him one to Zboril for Slashing and the second to Hughes for hooking.  Then to top off this rough period the Bourques strike again and put the Sound Tigers up by two for the second time this night.

A pep talk during the intermission, a snack, or a few swear words as Halak would suggest, whatever it was it appeared to work.  The third period saw the Bruins come out with a renewed fight. The first to score this period was Zboril with assistance from Senyshyn and Cave at 3:49 and the lead is again shrunk to one, Providence 3- WBS 4.  Trent Frederic took the penalty game seriously being called at 4:15 and 7:14 for hooking and then elbowing. Bridgeport may have been concerned that their penalty box was getting cold so Ho-Sang and Toews each took a turn warming it up at 8:48 and 9:12. This power play gave Donato space and time he needed to level the score with help from Fitzgerald and Goloubef he found the back of the net at 10:26.  The score now was a brilliant four all.  The period ended on a charging penalty for Bridgeport’s Bernier that resulted in a 5-minute major, 10-minute game misconduct, and a two-game suspension that was handed out on Tuesday.

Overtime was short and not so sweet for Providence as Bridgeport came up with a goal at 1:22, clinching the W and the 2-points for the night.

31962556378_f2025b11d8_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Sunday, November 11, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (HOME)

It’s Saturday, and the Bruins are back at the Dunk for a matinee game with the WBS Penguins.  Meeting up with this team for the second time this weekend and fired up from a very close loss the night before means the emotions would be running high for our hometown boys in Black and Gold.  This game would prove to be unlike any other we had seen this weekend.

The first period was the tale of two teams.  One who scored goals and one who sat in the penalty box.  Fortunately for the Bruins fans, ours was the team who scored goals.  The Penguins, however, were matching our goals with penalties.  The first penalty came at 2:00 when Grant was booked on roughing.  The second came at 10:34 when DiPauli was caught elbowing and the last of the period was at 13:42 to Grant for a delay of game.  This was when the scoring began.  At 14:17 Donato scored on the power-play with the help of Goloubef and Cave to give Providence a one-goal lead.  Three minutes later Cave and Blidh stepped up to feed one to Bakos scoring the second goal of the night.  The end of the first period came with a score of Providence 2- WBS 0

The second period began on a high for Providence.  At 3:32 Senyshyn took the feeder from Clifton and scored the third goal of the day.  The third goal apparently did not sit well with Penguin Haggerty as he and Cave got in a tussle at 5:35. Both were sent to the box with five minutes for fighting and Haggerty was granted an additional two minutes for roughing.  Once again on the power-play Providence was able to score.  This time it was Messner taking the assists from Cehlarik and Senyshyn to make the score a solid Providence 4-WBS 0.  Another ten minutes of the game passed by without any significant progress on either side.  Then at 18:25 Kovar was called for tripping, and the Bruins were now on the PK for the remainder of the period.  With twenty seconds left to go, the strangest call I have ever seen was issued, McIntyre was called for Holding.  You read that correctly, the goalie was called for holding.  Interesting.

The third period began, and the Bruins were able to kill what was left of the penalty.  Back to full strength but the Bruins appeared to not be as polished as they had been in the first two periods. They seemed somewhat scattered, and the Penguins did not hesitate to capitalize upon this.  Before they got going though, a few penalties had to come along. Bruins Goloubef was called for interference at 5:59 and Penguins Angello for slashing at 6:31. With the initial penalties on both sides out of the way, the Penguin’s Grant took assistance from Lindberg and O’Neill to score their first goal of the night and bring the score to Providence 4 – WBS 1.  Only a minute later the away team did it again.  This time Angello with the help of Blueger and DiPauli scored the Penguins second goal. Not to be shut-out of the goal scoring for the period Bruins forward Donato with an assist from Kovar scored the final goal of the night.  Ending a high-scoring runaway win for the Bruins with a final score of 5-2 and the only game of the weekend without an OT.

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45108775584_0a14212eb0_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Providence Bruins Week 4 Preview

Coach Leach(Photo Courtesy of Joshua Bemis )

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

Providence Bruins enter week four with seven games behind them.  They have 69 games left to erase the 7-point spread that separates them from first place in the Atlantic Division.  Those numbers are completely obtainable for Providence, especially if we see a continuation of the improvement from last weekend.  This is the first regular season weekend without a Friday game for the Bruins. Saturday will see them facing the Thunderbirds just down the road in Springfield and Sunday will be back at home against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

Header Imager(Photo Courtesy of Jen Staio Coombe)

Saturday, October 27th Providence Bruins vs. Springfield Thunderbirds (AWAY)

The MassMutual Center will once again host our Providence Bruins as they take on the Springfield Thunderbirds this Saturday.  Pre-season saw these two teams go head to head twice, once in Providence and the second time in Springfield.  These two games were won by the Bruins with a score of 3-2 both times.

The regular season has not been so kind.  The Bruins and T-Birds have met only once, but that match-up saw the Bruins lose with a final score of 3-6.  More numerous than goals in that game were the penalties that plagued both sides, as the Bruins racked up eight and the Thunderbirds seven.  Each team had six power-play opportunities, and both only scored on one of them.

I would put the possibility of the Bruins walking away with the win this weekend slightly in their favor.  This season they have won two of the three matches against the T-Birds, but only fifty percent of them when at the MassMutual Center. Previous seasons saw a very similar pattern in the statistics, with the winner in most matches being anyone’s best guess.  The fan in me says the Bruins will win. The realist in me tempers that with the statistics and we land on my initial verdict of slightly better than 50% odds of the Bruins taking the two points on Saturday night. Helpful, right?

43643067160_c61e7efca6_z(Photo Courtesy of Bridgeport Sound Tigers)

Sunday, October 28th Providence Bruins vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (HOME)

Sunday’s Matinee sees Providence host the Bridgeport Sound Tigers once again.  Expect something a little different this time around though as ‘Pink In The Rink’ returns.  The annual ‘Pink In The Rink’ event supports Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation and will include the players donning special pink sweaters that will be auctioned off after the game.

While adding a touch of pink to our Bruins may not be everyone’s favorite part of Sunday, the game will most definitely satisfy all.  Meeting the Sound Tigers twice last weekend gave us a good look at what we may see on Sunday.

Both games were physical, hard-fought and not short on action.  We saw a battle for the win on Friday only to have Providence lose a few seconds into overtime.  While Saturday was a scoring frenzy for the Bruins allowing them to skate away with a solid 5-2 victory.  The common theme in both nights was penalties, which did not thrill the Providence coaching staff.

This weekend I would expect both teams to come in charged up and ready to break the tie.  The Sound Tigers will be eager to capture a win, while the Bruins will be looking to extend their ‘at-home win-streak’ against said Tigers to five.  This high level of anticipation will no doubt lead to higher shots on goal and set the fate of these games solidly in the hands of the goaltenders.  With a combined save percentage of .854, McIntyre and Vladar will both be looking to improve upon that.  My best guess is a lot of shots on goal, probably not a very high scoring game, but very active and physical.  Penalties have been an issue of late, and Jay Leach mentioned he was planning on addressing that this week during practice.  That being said, with heightened emotions involved it will be interesting to see how the Baby B’s react on Sunday.

colby cave (Photo Courtesy of Providence Bruins)

My picks to watch this weekend:

Up Front:

Colby Cave – Yes, I will be watching others, but with his current scoring streak (3 goals against the Sound Tigers last weekend alone), my eyes will be focused to see what he can pull off this weekend.

On The Blue Line:

Frederic/Hughes – Both seemed much more on their game last weekend.  They were attentive and engaged throughout, and each of them made a case that they may be offensive defensemen after all.  Time will tell.

In Net:

Dan Vladar – Having met the Sound Tigers last weekend with an admittedly lacking performance, I want to see how he bounces back.

Vladar(Photo Courtesy of Jen Stasio Coombe)

Cheers to week four, pink sweaters in Providence, and best of luck to our Baby B’s. I will catch up with you next week and until then, feel free to message me on twitter with any questions or comments and as always, take some time to check out the other great articles by the incredible team here at Now Go Get Hockey With It!

Providence Bruins Weekend Recap – Week 3

43643067160_c61e7efca6_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

By: Jen Stasio Coombe | Follow Me On Twitter @hockeygirl2976

It is still early, but there was something to smile about this weekend for Providence Bruins fans.  Colby Cave extended his scoring streak to 5 goals in 4 games and the team saw some marked improvements all around. The back-to-back games against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers finished with an overtime loss on Friday and a runaway win on Saturday.  This gave our team 3 points for the weekend bringing the total for the season up to 5, still just ahead of the Hershey Bears in the division.

As a team, they did a better job of keeping on the puck and making a more consistent effort throughout the game and not just in the third period.  Our power play effort was once again an area for concern as we went 0 for 6 this weekend, but the penalty kills were a success, preventing the Sound Tigers from sinking even a single shot in their 9 power play opportunities.  One area Jay Leach will undoubtedly be reviewing with the lads this week is the excess of penalties we are handing over.

30519924417_f2a8026a9c_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Goaltender Performance:

Dan Vladar manned the net on Friday in Bridgeport and stopped 30 of the 34 shots on goal bringing his save percentage down to .896.

Zane McIntyre stood guard on Saturday in Providence and stopped 25 of the 27 shots on goal bringing his save percentage up to .813.

This Weekends Scores:

FRI Oct.19 AWAY              Providence 3-Bridgeport 4 OTL 

SAT Oct.20 HOME            Providence 5-Bridgeport 2 WIN!!!

45406719092_63832a5347_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

Detailed Daily Game Re-caps:

Friday, October 19, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AWAY)

Webster Bank Arena came alive Friday for the first meeting of the Sound Tigers and the Providence Bruins.  The crowd of 3,065 who attended to see the grudge match would not be disappointed as it was a tight one throughout with multiple lead changes and an overtime to boot.

The first period saw Bridgeport come out in a whirlwind, as Toews and Rathgeb set up Dal Colle to score only 3:15 into the period.  Not impressed, Colby Cave answered back with an unassisted goal at 7:20 for Providence bringing the score level. Three penalties, 2 to Providence and 1 to Bridgeport, were handed out before the horn sounded to mark the end of the period. Not a six-penalty period as we saw last weekend, but we could be nearing the 24-penalty minute average per game if they keep it up.

45406719612_cf78f2662f_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

The first half of the second period was one that you could watch while standing in line at the concessions.  There was a lot of back and forth, a few scrambles for the puck and several shots on goal, but nothing to write home about.  Until the 18th minute when Jakub Zboril took the help from Martin Bakos and Cameron Hughes and sent one home to put the Baby-B’s in the lead by a score of 2-1.  Three more penalties issued this period.  This time 2 to Bridgeport and 1 for Providence and we are only at 12 PIMS for this game…looks like that average could be in danger of coming down a notch or two.

Not satisfied with ending the period behind by a goal, the Sound Tigers came out to open the third period with a goal at 0:42 to bring them level again.  This time Rathgeb got the point, and Aho and Dal Colle were there with the apples. That goal was followed by 3 Providence penalties and finally a Providence goal at 17:49 from Colby Cave assisted by Jacob Forsbacka Karlsson to once again put Providence back on top (3-2).  The lead would not stand though as with 41 seconds left in regulation Wotherspoon, assisted by Chris Bourque and Seb Aho, was able to tie it up for the Sound Tigers and force the game into overtime.

Overtime was but a blink of an eye when at 0:32 Sislo placed the final nail in the coffin for the night and sent the Providence Bruins home with their first OTL of the year.  The loss was even more heartbreaking after having led twice in regular time and having not trailed since the third minute of the first period. Perhaps, the greatest loss of all for the team this night was that of their Captain, Jordan Szwarz, who was later diagnosed with a concussion after hitting his head on the ice when his skates were kicked out by Bridgeport’s Wotherspoon.

Saturday, October 20, 2018, Providence Bruins Vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers (HOME)

Still feeling the sting of the overtime loss the previous night in Bridgeport, the Providence Bruins came out with a renewed vigor that we have not seen in our Baby-B’s this year.  Judging by the ferocity of the game the Sound Tigers were also a little charged up due to their win.  Whatever numbers were lacking in penalty minutes last night were surely made up for tonight, with a whopping 38!

The first period saw Providence get on the board first with a goal by Cameron Hughes assisted by Jakub Zboril at 1:51. Ensuring his scoring streak would not end, Colby Cave nailed one home less than 2 minutes later with the help of Jeremy Lauzon and Anton Blidh at 3:13.  Apparently, this back to back goal pair did not sit well with Bridgeport’s Jones as he threw down with Trent Frederic at 3:26 and both received 5 minutes for fighting. Other than three more minor penalties that period, no other action was had, and the horn sounded the end of the first with Providence in the lead 2-0.

43641803920_a1c80bf720_z(Photo Courtesy of the Providence Bruins)

The second period began with a minor penalty to Bridgeport followed at 9:11 by another round of fisticuffs.  This time Bridgeport’s Helgeson took on Wiley Sherman.  Once these two hooligans were locked away for their respective 5 minutes, Frederic took the opportunity to raise the Bruins’ lead by one with the help of Karson Kuhlman and Atlanta Gladiator call-up, Joel Messner. Bridgeport was down, but not out and scrambled to make the plays they needed to get a point on the board. Finally, at 13:22 Dal Colle assisted by Hitchcock ended McIntyre’s bid for a shut-out and got their first point on the board.  Unfortunately, being charged with a penalty for roughing was the only other call the Sound Tigers would get before the second period ended with the Bruins up 3-1.

As the third period began, it seemed like the Bruins were making up for lost time, with two goals again being scored nearly back to back.  Lauzon assisted Kovar at 0:41 with the first goal and 30 seconds later Frederic made it 5-1 Providence with assists from Cehlarik and Clifton.  However, the Sound Tigers were not done yet, like a cat being cornered they clawed and fought and were able to capture one more goal at 8:59 from Sislo assisted by Wotherspoon and Casto.  As hard as they fought and as much as they tried, they could not overcome the determination that lay behind our Providence Bruins on Saturday Night.  The Bruins walked away with a 5-2 victory their first regular season win at home this year, extending their “at-home win-streak” against the Sound Tigers to four!!!  Keep it up Baby-B’s, We are behind you all the way!